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My procedure was on Tuesday. My question is, how long did your doctor say you had to wait until you were able to resume having sex with your husband? I plan on taking her advice regardless, but was surprised at how long she said we had to wait.

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  • I had mine on tues also. They told me 6 weeks. Seems like a long time to me especially since I've been on pelvic rest the last 6 weeks. I'm just ready to get my life back.
    Fucking bump!!!!
  • I forgot to ask my Dr after my dnc. I had a post op appointment 4 weeks later and he said all was fine.
    Honestly for the first few weeks neither of us wanted to have sex so it was ok with us.

    I would go with what your Dr said.

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  • Well, yes I am planning on following the doctors advice, just like I said. I was curious because I have heard different things, and like PP just want my life to go back to normal. It is hard to have my life changed in yet another way for a long period of time.

  • my dr and midwife both said i can resume sex whenever i feel comfortable. DH and I had sex the day after the D&C and everything has been fine.
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  • My doctor told us 1 week to allow my cervix time to close and avoid infection. We waited exactly one week and everything was fine. No problems in that area. 
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  • The range is interesting. My doc said six weeks at least and not until after my first period.
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    I had my post-op appointment 2 weeks after mine.  She said I was healing well and able to resume everything as normal. 

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  • Mine said 2 weeks to give my body time to recover and for the cervix to close to avoid infection.  Tomorrow it will be exactly 2 weeks, but we are going to wait until after my follow-up appointment on Friday just to be on the safe side!
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  • My doctor said 2 weeks.
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