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Moving to Buckley AFB

I'm in my first trimester and on tricare prime. As result, I'm slated to go to Ft. Carson for all OB/GYN stuff. If we were staying in the Springs, I'd switch to tricare standard to avoid the overcrowded hospital and long lulls in between appointments. However, we will be moving to Buckley AFB and I was curious about what the maternity situation was like up there? Is it better to be on Prime or standard while stationed at Buckley? How does a dependent go about seeing a doctor in Buckley? Are you referred to civilian care off base? Thanks for all your advice in advance.

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    We were just stationed at Buckley at the beginning of May so I can't tell you how the maternity care is but I can tell you the base hospital is extremely small and a lot of the dependents are assigned to PCMs at a nearby off-base hospital.  My PCM is a civilian PA on base, but my son's pedi is a doctor off base and we're both Prime.  They encourage you to register for MiCare so you can make your appointments on-line and leave notes for your doctor regarding refills and things, to minimize having to physically see a doctor for the little things.  They do not have an ER on base and if you need to see someone after hours and it is not what they consider an emergency, they require you to call in for an urgent care referral.  The one time I had an issue that needed to be seen quickly, I put in an appointment request early in the morning and someone called me back to schedule the appointment for the same day within an hour.

     Edited because March is not May and I'm apparently incapable of remembering the months of the year.

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  • I sent you a private message with some detailed information. I'm also in my 1st trimester dealing with Buckley AFB and Tricare.
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