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BH early second tri?

This isn't my first go around so I know the feeling all to well. I'm having strong Braxton hicks some that will take my breath away and have to breath threw. I only 14 weeks but I did go into labor very early with my first baby. I'm timing them and making sure I don't have double digits in an hour. Is it common to have these so strong so early? I will call my OB if it worsens but just wondering if anyone else has had this.

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Re: BH early second tri?

  • I started getting them around 15 weeks with my twins.  My OB said it was fine and totally normal to start earlier with multiples. 
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  • Yep, definitely stronger this time around...Im on my 3rd pregnancy. Some definitely take some breathing to get through. I usually take it as a sign that I need to drink more H2O and get off my feet. Hope youre feeling better soon...but yourr definitely not alone!
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  • I started having BH around 16 weeks with my twins and the OB wasn't concerned.
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  • I think I started around 16 weeks.  As long as they aren't in a regular pattern, more than 4 an hour, my dr isn't concerned.  I try to change positions and drink a lot of water when they come on.  
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  • Mine have started earlier with each pg.  With DS1 I was 20w (delivered at 37w5d), with my twins I was 12w (made it to my scheduled c/s at 38w after a PTL scare at 32w4d), and this last pg I was only 11w (had a RCS at 41w).

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