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Question for Twin Mamas

Hello ladies,

My best friend is having twin boys in the fall. Her shower is this August and I would love to include a poem about twins with her gift. Have any of you heard of one?


Also, I give all of you multiple mamas a big tip of my hat. I only have one little 4 month old and he's a handful himself! Big, big props to you all!



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Re: Question for Twin Mamas

  • Double the pleasure,
    Double the fun.
    Double the trouble
    For moms of more than one!

    Haha. Jk. Just wondering what kind of poem youre looking for? Something to go with your gifts or just in general?

  • Twenty fingers, twenty toes,

    plenty of work, heaven only knows. 

    Four little arms to hold on tight. 

    Four little cheeks to kiss goodnight.

    Two miracles sent from above

    two sons for us to love. 

    Two special lives have just begun,

    two times the joy, two times the fun 

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