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Throwing up after almost every bottle

I have 6 month old twin boys and for about the last 2 weeks one of them has been throwing up after almost every bottle.  It started with just the first bottle of the morning or the last bottle at night and has increased since then to almost every feeding.  I have decreased the amount and have added cereal and nothing seems to be working.  We make sure to burp often but the burp usually ends up being all of what he just ate coming back up.  They had their 6 month check up last week and the pediatrician didn't seem to concerned since he is otherwise healthy and it doesn't seem to bother him at all.  She didn't suspect reflux since he didn't have any trouble prior to this last couple of weeks.

Anyone else experience this?  Any advice is appreciated!

Re: Throwing up after almost every bottle

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    My DS started spitting up again right around the 6 mo mark. I chalked it up to him being more active, rolling, sitting , even sitting up more in my lap. How are you burping? If I try to burp him sitting up he's more likely to spit up vs burping over my shoulder.
  • My LO was okay until 1 month and started the same thing.  Severe acid reflux and milk protein allergy were the dx.
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  • We do burp in the sitting position, he never liked the over the shoulder position but I will try that.  Thanks!
  • Just wanted to throw out there that DS did this for about a week. We had gotten into the routine of him having a bottle and then immediately have oatmeal for breakfast all in one sitting in the morning. Combined with him starting to really be moving and such, this did not end well and he kept throwing everything up. As soon as we started breaking things up more----now he get his bottle in the morning not long after he wakes up, and then he gets fed his cereal at daycare about 1-2 hours later. This works out much better once we started spacing things out more and the throwing up hasn't happened since.

    Not sure when you are feeding cereal, but I thought I would throw this out there.

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