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Flying at 30 weeks thoughts?

DH and I just love to travel and want to zip off for a last minute trip before we can't with a new LO.  I was thinking of booking a last minute trip to the Bahamas.  Anyone think its crazy to fly at 30 weeks?  I feel great, still working with no problems but maybe 4 weeks from now I'll be massive? Any STMs go anywhere in their 3rd trimesters? 
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Re: Flying at 30 weeks thoughts?

  • I flew at 35 for my sisters wedding and it sucked! I felt awful and was so swollen due to the cabin pressure changes. I just flew back from Hawaii last week at 22. It would have been fine except the flight was 11 hours. I say go for it with a shorter one. But don't go much past 30.
  • I flew at 32 weeks with DS and it was uncomfortable, but not undoable. Just make sure you get up and walk every hour or so to cut down on swelling.
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  • Check with the airlines and your doc. They will both have restrictions on when you can and can't fly.

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  • For domestic flights, you can usually fly through 36 weeks.  Foreign airlines have different cutoffs--some as early as 32 weeks.

    I flew until I was 7.5 months pregnant with my daughter and plan to take a trip at 31 weeks this time around for work.   Just drink plenty of water and don't stress too much about any travel issues and you should be fine at 30 weeks (of course, always check with your doctor first!)

  • I flew at 29 weeks last time around and it was NBD. The only difficult part for me was needing to pee the whole time and airplane bathrooms gross me out so holding it through the bladder kicks was a joy. I agree with PP, double check with the airline and your doc.

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  • I am planning on a short flight at 32 weeks and flying back at 33 weeks. Hopefully it won't be bad...just drink lots of water and walk around a lot.

    I think Southwest lets you fly until 38 weeks, it differs by airline so just check in case you need a doctors note
  • I have to fly from Italy to Baltimore at 31 weeks military move. I'm definitely not looking forward to it, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal, otherwise they would have moved us sooner. My doctor said the cut off is 36 weeks.
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  • I'm flying at 30 weeks to Florida. My OB says it's fine. Although, I will still be in the US if things crop up and I need to see a doctor. 

    Ask your OB. 


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  • I went on a vacation at 28/29 weeks and flew from Europe at 33 weeks.  No issues.
  • They normally don't let you fly in your last month but you should be ok. Like op said make sure you move around a lot.
  • last pregnancy, my dr cut me off at 26 weeks for traveling internationally. i had a low-risk, normal as can be pregnancy.

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