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Cankles :o

Okay so I don't have cankles YET but I am noticing that around my ankles and my feet are starting to look a little puffier than they did before..

This is frightening. I thought this wouldn't happen till way later !

Re: Cankles :o

  • Try elevating your feet whenever possible. I notice the same thing when I am on my feet for hours at a time. Just one of the great perks of being preggers! Lol :D
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  • I couldn't get my feet into my Dansko clogs the other day. I only wear them when I'm going to be on my feet for hours, which doesn't happen much these days, but it's still depressing. I already have ginormous feet. 

  • I have full blown cankles at the moment. I just got home from a 12 hr shift at work. I put them up and they will be down by the morning. I am watching my BP though cause I worry that cankles this early may be a sign of problems to come, but so far so good.
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  • I have been putting my feet up and putting ice on them to keep the cankles away.

    Make sure you are drinking enough water as well. That helps too.
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