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I just got the physician's bill from the hospital today. It was supposed to be $104 and now it's suddenly $1000 because I have the worst insurance in the entire world. During my m/c I passed a large clot and got up too fast and passed out. I hit my head and it freaked my Mom and husband out so they called 911. 

 FIRST, the emts took me to a hospital out of my network because it was closer (even though I requested to go to one in my network, but I wasn't exactly in the right state of mind to argue because when I passed out and woke up I thought Iwas still pregnant and it was like finding out all over again). I only went to the hospital to get checked for a concussion.

When I got there they did an EKG, IV, blood work, urine sample, an ultrasound and when they couldn't see anything they did an internal and other unnecessary crap I didn't need. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHECK FOR A CONCUSSION. I TOLD them I passed out because I passed a clot and stood up too fast. I TOLD them I took Cytotec to help the M/C along and my NP was aware of it all. But they did all this stupid crap anyway and I wasn't in the right mind to argue. And now I'm paying so much in hospital bills we can't even afford to TTC because everything we had saved is going away to these damn bills that keep opening the wound. And I keep losing hours at work because all my patients keep canceling for no reason....because the weather is nice and they don't want their teeth cleaned???....I don't know!

Agh. Sorry. I'm so pissed off right now and I feel totally used by our POS health care system.

<end rant> 

Re: Hospital Vent

  • Ugh, that's so frustrating! I would be so pissed off too! I'm starting to slowly get the bills from all of my appointments too. No fun. 

    I'm sorry for your loss. Sometimes I feel like when it rains it pours.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. 

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  • I am so sorry. Hope things turn around for you soon. You do not need this.

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    I got my 9000 bill from the hospital before insurance. The doc is another1000. After everything we have to pay 2,000 so we are not TTC for another year. So disappointing!
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  • I am so sorry for your loss, kjsx988. I am sorry for what you are experiencing.

    Hospital bills are the worst. Having to pay for not having your baby is the worst feeling in the world. Last year with my ectopic, we ended up paying $3,000 with our insurance. Now we have better insurance, so I'm currently waiting for three sonogram bills, and an immediate care bill. 

    My thoughts are with you,


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  • That's terrible! I can't believe they made you go through all that even knowing you were already having a
    miscarriage! I'm currently awaiting my bill from an ambulance ride and ER visit from passing out after losing so much blood too. And at least 3 times the EMT said "so if its a miscarriage" I had to set them straight and it sucked to hear it over and over! Definitely sending you calming and happy thoughts. What a tough thing to go through.
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