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Hey ladies!

I just found out I'm expecting twins, I'm in complete shock and am looking for any advice and guidance I can get! I look forward to getting to know you ladies!

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Re: Hello!

  • Congratulations!
    When I'm nursing I come here and read previous posts and pages. It's very informative! When I can't find what I need, I just post :
    TTC 10/2010 DX with PCOS 01/2012 Metformin 05/12. Clomid 07/12 50mg- Bust,no response. 8/12 100mg 0 on CD20=BFP. 9/24-56 9/26-125 10/1-2100 B/G Twins, EDD 05/2013 "It's funny they give you a drug to help get you pregnant, but it makes me not want to have sex with you" -DH. Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • Congrats and welcome!
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  • Congratulations! The ladies here are great and a huge help so you've come to the right place. :) 
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