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Rocker/bouncy chair?

I don't know whether to get one or two and whether to get rockers or bouncy chairs or one of each. What are you all doing/found you used the most?
My ds loved his rocker!
And I can't remember what age they used it from. Is it from newborn or more like a month until about 6 months?

Re: Rocker/bouncy chair?

  • We have 2 rocker/vibrator chairs. They, along with the RNPs were my saving grace in the early days. My girls still sit in their chairs, although they are starting to tolerate them less. The ones that we have are Fisher Price, and convert to toddler chairs, though I doubt we will go that route.
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  • I have one swing and one vibrating chair. Turns out Only my son likes the chair and my DD likes the swing.
    Glad I didn't buy two of both.
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  • I would suggest two Rock N Plays.  We started with only one but got the 2nd once our girls arrived.  They also work out great for reflux.  We have one bouncer, but neither one really love it. 
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