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Baby waking more

I've doubled my hours for the summer and now DS is waking 2 or 3x a night. He was sleeping 7 to 9 hours straight, waking for a feeding, then back to sleep for a total of 12 or 13 hours in his crib. It was wonderful! I understand this change could be from developmental changes, he is trying to crawl and walk, or it could be teething. I just read though, that it could be that he is trying to find extra time with me since I'm not home as much. I try letting my husband settle DS, but he only settles with nursing. I've tried patting his back and shooshing him, but he gets very angry and wants fed. I'm really thinking it's time to ween his night feedings since he just turned 8 months. I had thought about it before, but I honestly enjoyed it, when it was just once a night. Also I feel he is an over sensitive baby and wasn't ready before and he's in the 20th percentile, so I didn't want him struggling to gain weight. He dropped to 8th percentile at 4 months and I want him to stay healthy! Is there too much going on to ween now? Should I wait a few weeks until he's used to my work schedule or wait until he's walking? What is a good rule of thumb to know when he's ready? I kind of feel selfish for wanting my sleep, but I have fibromyalgia and have been a real trooper thus far and I know he will get better sleep too. I thought I would let him ween himself, but stuff I'm reading says I'm harming his sleep health and should have weened 2 months ago. Confused and sad, as I don't want to do the wrong thing. I feel guilty not feeding him because he just wants his mommy and what better way to soothe? I wish I didn't have to work, then I wouldn't feel so guilty! He's such a sweet, happy baby, so I know I'm doing something right.
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Re: Baby waking more

  • Sorry you are going through a rough patch. My DS is 7.5 months old and usually wakes once a night fir a bottle and just wakes up about 2 more times a night. Is there any way your husband could give him a bottle at night so you could get sleep without worrying about him not gaining weight? That is really the only advice I have, other than maybe reading a sleep book? Good luck!
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  • How long since you went back to work? If give it two weeks and then reevaluat... That's normally the time frame it takes for them to aadjust to that kind of change
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  • It's just been a full 2 weeks since my hours have changed. I discovered this morning, however, that I fit EVERY symptom of Postpartum depression and a majority of Postpartum psychosis. I have a feeling all this stress and lack of sleep I am having is effecting him. I can't believe I've gone 8 months without being diagnosed! I guess I just kept thinking I'd get better. I'm going to a counselor for my anxiety, but we haven't even discussed PPD. Guess it's time to bring it up. Maybe once I'm better, he'll be better. And thanks for the advice about my husband bottle feeding, I may just have to try that. My biggest problem right now is waking when he does and then not being able to sleep again. I had 2 hours of sleep and it's 6:30am right now. 
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  • My son was only getting up once at 3 months old, but two months later he started getting up ever 23 hours screaming, not crying. I eventually figured out that I can't eat dairy i'm nursing because it gives him gas. Then I found out sweet potatoes give him gas, then he started teething and then I think he was just used to being up all night!

    I'm ok with him fussing himself to sleep, but just can't let him cry it out when he's hungry he's also 25th percentile and it just doesn't work and if I'm hungry at 2 am I eat lol I got him back down to 12 times a night in 11 hours through me trying to rock him back to sleep, he'd always end up eating anyway, but it was at least half an hour later, so the next night he didn't get up as early. I think it helped him get the idea that it wasn't time to eat.
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