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Please help!

Ladies, my guys are now 10 months old. Sleep is a major issue. One refuses a bottle so he has been with me in bed at night. My husband takes the other one into different room and has been sleeping him in a baby seat. We want them in their cribs! Nap time is even more horrendous. I need them in their cribs. Any advice on how to get them napping or sleeping in cribs?

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  • Are your boys light sleepers? Can you move them to their cribs after they've fallen asleep? Maybe try it for naps first. Also, sound machines (white noise) have been my saving grace through that time.

    I've never read any of the sleep books but you may have to do some form of fuss-it-out the first few nights. Sorry I'm no real help. It's hard. Good luck!

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  • I know some moms frown on CIO and it is hard to do but it works! My ds didn't sleep through til 2 years until we did it properly. We did it before and then would fall back into bad habits when he got ill or we went away or we got tired...
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  • I recommend Ferber's book. Even if you decide not to use his method, his book is full of great information that will help you understand babies and their sleep habits. FWIW we did Ferber (after I read the book twice) and it worked like a charm for us. DS was about five months old at the time. GL!
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