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A week in limbo - pockets or prefolds??

We're moving from NC to WI at the end of July.  DD and I will be flying (with my MIL), and DH and a few of our family members are driving our cars and the uhaul up north.  We will be flying (two 1.5 hour flights), and then staying at my MIL's house for 6 days before we can move in to our new place (lease can only start on the 1st).

MIL is fine with us doing diaper laundry, already has purchased tide powder for us (since that's what we use here).  Do you all think it would be better to bring 14-16 pocket diapers, or 14-16 prefolds and 3-4 covers?  In my head the prefolds were going to be smaller, but when I put 14 pocket diapers together today, they actually don't look much bigger than the stack of prefolds... so for packing sake, doesn't look like there's much of a difference.

Anyone with airport experience have a preference while traveling?  If I take the pockets, I suppose I'll just throw them in the dryer for that week since we won't really have extras to use while they hang dry... Thoughts?  

Re: A week in limbo - pockets or prefolds??

  • Prefolds. They're more forgiving when washing and drying on the fly and they'll dry much faster. Plus, they end up being a smaller volume of laundry, IMO. When we travel, we usually take prefolds or AI2s.

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  • I take pockets travelling-admittedly, its mostly to show off to our families how easy cloth can be. If you wash in the evening the pocket outer can hang dry indoors by morning-I've even done that in a hotel room using shower and towel rods. The airport change areas I've used were very nice, and I haven't had to change on a plane, so that part wouldn't factor as much in my decision.
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  • Welcome to Wisconsin! Where you moving to?

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  • image Bemyselfandi:
    Welcome to Wisconsin! Where you moving to?

    Probably Madison.  DH and I grew up and went to undergrad in the fox valley. 

  • image SecretAgentKate:
    How is you MIL with a prefold? If I thought there was the chance someone else might be willing to take over a few diaper changes for a week I'd jump at the chance, and pockets make that a lot more likely. I also hate prefolds though, so I may be a little biased when I say I'd go with the pockets


    Well she hasn't changed her diaper since she last saw her, which was when DD was 5 weeks old.  Now she's a squirmy worm and I doubt MIL would be able to get a prefold snappi'd on her.  Although we could just trifold in the covers... she only poops once a week or so. 

  • I prefer pockets when we travel. They are just easier.
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