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NBR: washer (vent)

Did anyone else fall for the allure of a front load washer?  Are you considering getting one?  Well, here's my two cents...DON'T!  

 For those that have to pay for water a front load washer may be something you are considering.  Which I totally understand, so take this comment with a brain of salt. 

As LO has grown out of clothes, I've washed them and put them in the bottom drawer of her dresser until I had enough to box up and put into storage.  As I'm getting them out to put in the storage box I notice several are yellowed all around the neckline and going down the front and sleeves!  WTH!  After talking with my sister (who already has children) and a little Internet search we found that the enzymes from baby's saliva, BM, and formula can discolor clothing if the enzymes are completely dissolved by the wash water.  So the fact that little water is used by the front loader is not a good thing. Which kinda confirms a feeling that our clothes haven't been as clean as I would like.  It's nothing that I could pinpoint, but sometimes colors seem to come out dull like the dirt wasn't completely washed away.  Now I have to decide if I hold on to this washer until it gives up the ghost (which could be a long time considering we bought this 3 years ago) or sell this one and go back to a trusty top loader.

OH!  Another con.. I was planning on a growing family with lots of laundry. I got the biggest non-commercial front loader out there and it still isn't bigger or as big as the biggest non-commercial top loader. 

I hate falling for trends.  

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  • We love our HE top loader too!

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!


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  • I hate my HE washer.  It is a top loader.  I feel like I have to pre-soak everything or else nothing comes out, plus have to use additional rinses.  By the time it is all said and done I think I use just as much water and just put more work on myself.

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  • Our clothes don't get clean if its full. So I only load it halfway. I'm doing extra loads so I'm not sure if that saves water. I know our old one used tons. I've had to rewash many things that had been spit up on, or I'll leak and my shirt still has crusty dried milk on it. Nasty!

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  • My complaint is he mold in the door gasket, the very small holes thay show up in clothes (they are consistently the same size & have occured in brand new and older items alike), have had socks and even shirts that get partially stuck in the gasket and then mangled and crunch in parts ... completly ruined! Oh well, have had it 8 years so we will get something else at some point.
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