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University Hospitals feedback??

Hello! I'm 9 weeks tomorrow (!!!!!!!!!) and scheduled for 1st appointment at University Hospitals Mentor w/ Dr.Samir Ahuja 7/9. Anyone have any experience??? I was surprised they had me wait 10-12 weeks before my first appointment.

Re: University Hospitals feedback??

  • Please let me know what you think. I am 27 weeks and go to the clinic but I have had a bad experience and would like to switch doctors. I am taking the hospital tour on July 10th. But this dr and my previous baby I didn't have my first appt. until 10 weeks- I think that's common. Hope you like UH!
  • My UH doctor wouldn't see me until I was 10-11 weeks.  It's very normal - unless you have specific issues that they know about in advance.  I thought being 41 they would want to see me earlier and did not.  I will be delivering at UH (EDD is 8/30).  We went on hospital tour last week and are very happy with what we saw.
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  • Hi Meghan!  I am 10 weeks, so we are pretty close. :)  I think the norm is 10-12 weeks.  I have stage 4 endometriosis so there were risks... so I was "lucky" in the sense that I got to have one at 6.5 weeks, another at 9, and will have another this coming week at 11 weeks.  I would go nuts if I would have had to wait until 12 weeks!!  We've gone to a specialist down at Akron Summa (City) so far but my normal O/B isn't at an actual hospital (I will start going to her once I'm out of the first trimester).  Long story long, I've heard University is really nice.  Let me know how it goes!
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  • Thanks for the info!!!! Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks I will def report back!
  • It helps to know that's a normal timeline! Thanks and good luck!
  • Suffice to say I was AMAZED by Dr. Ahuja and his staff. At my appointment I learned that I had a missed miscarriage a few weeks ago and was scheduled for D&C at University Geauga on 7/11. Dr. Ahuja performed the procedure. He was the most compassionate doctor. He was supportive and that helped me going through an incredibly difficult situation. He made me feel like it wasn't my fault and reassured me that I would be pregnant again. The nurses at the hospital were also wonderful. It was a very pleasant experience considering how traumatic it was. I don't have enough positive things to say about Dr. Ahuja and staff.  

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