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Postpartum Depression

depression is kicking my butt "venting"

Hi ladies

I just need to vent and let off some steam I've been having a rough time where to start its long and messy so here's it in a nutshell In May found out from Facebook my aunt passed away yeah that's my family for you they didn't even call me and tell me just posted will miss you pictures on facebook I called my ma and she's like oh I thought your sister told you , on the 11th of this month was the 2 year anniversary of my grandma passing away , the 15th of this month is when my father killed himself ( when I was 15 years old ) and on the 18th will be the 1 year since my best friend passed away   , I have talked to my doctor on my last ob appointment and I have also called my mental health provider and talked but it just doesn't seem to help I am sad and crying all the time not sleeping very well bad/weird dreams , my husband tries to help but he just doesn't understand his idea of fixing a problem involves sex like I really want sex not in the mood and to pregnant on bed rest list is long for reasons it's not going to happen also I found out on my last doctors visit that my due date was off by 1 month yeah when it rains i pours seems that everything happens at once also having to figure out the logistics of moving while super pregnant/ around due date  ok ok rant and venting over

Re: depression is kicking my butt "venting"

  • Talking is great for some people...medicine is great for others.

    I was miserable my entire pregnancy because I weaned off my meds.  It was a mistake for me and one that I won't repeat.

    If you are comfortable with the idea of taking anti-depressants while pregnant than do some research and get on them.


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  • I am already taking anti depressants they just don't seem to be working this time around am waiting to see a psychiatrist therapist but there's a long wait not getting a appointment until 11th 
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  • I've been there honey, and took zolof during pregnancy and even after my son was born I still had some problems with my depression. The best I found to work was find someone I was close to and do what you're already doing: vent. Let it all out. Cry, yell, whatever it is you need to do to let go jus do it. A good friend will sit and listen and not say anything while you do whatever it is to get things off your chest.
  • I've dealth with depression for years and though I was weary, my antidepresants were changed when I found out I was pregnant. I'm sstill very depressed and trying to work on it. One of my reasons is my kitty was just put down today and he was my baby, my best friend. While that doesn't compare to what you are dealing with, I do understand. Like PP said, talking/venting can help. I've been crying for days knowing the decision I had to make. Do what you need to take care of yourself and baby. I'm only 19 weeks and meds are only helping so much. Talking and crying seem to help alot. Feel free to post here whenever you need too. I have found this to be a great outlet.
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