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4th loss, 1st ectopic (warning tickers)

Today I had emergency surgery to remove my ruptured right tube. I had been spotting brown for two weeks and my betas have slowly climbed. I am on vacation but went to the ER Tuesday evening due to pain. They couldn't find a pregnancy anywhere and sent me off with instructions to follow up with the on call doctor Thursday. Yesterday afternoon pain returned with a vengeance but I was desperately trying to wait for my appointment since it seemed the ER people couldn't really locate the problem. I couldn't hold off any more and went to a different and much better ER at 4 am. They wetter able to find an ectopic pregnancy and saw internal bleeding indicating a ruptured tube. They removed the tube and I feel soooo much less pain.

As this is our 4th loss, we have two children, and ectopics put me at further risk in the future we will be taking  permanent measures to avoid future pregnancies.

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 (born at 35 weeks due to pre-eclampsia)
Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Olivia Claire born sleeping at 17 weeks (measuring 16) October 5, 2014
MC 8/06 at 5w 3d
MC 7/27/09 at 7w 2d
MMC 12/2/11 discovered at 7w 6d
ruptured ectopic (loss of right tube) 6/27/13 at 6.5 weeks
My Loss Blog: [email protected]

Re: 4th loss, 1st ectopic (warning tickers)

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