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nap routine?

Im trying to get my LO to fall asleep on his own in his crib for naps. He is used to being rocked and held for his naps. I've done ferber for bedtime and have a solid bed time routine of bath, lotion, pjs, nurse, bed. But because the last thing i do is nurse i'm the only one that can put him to bed. So i dont want to nurse him right before he goes down for a nap.

What do you do before nap time? Do you put them down when they are wide awake or sleepy? 

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Re: nap routine?

  • I do a similar routine for naps too. Change diaper, put on sleep sack and rock then down into his crib.  I changed it a bit from what we do for bedtime.  I put DS down for a nap when he starts getting fussy and rubbing his eyes.  It is the same times every day.  (YAY we finally have a nap schedule!) I put him down for his naps whether he just ate or not and he is always fine and falls right to sleep.  
  • I nurse DS before his nap, but I stop as soon as he starts to doze off.  I pick him up (so he's wide awake), and I start singing.  While singing, I close the curtains, put him in his crib, put on sleepsack, and give him his lovey.  When I'm done singing, I say "it's time for nap.   mommy loves you."  And I leave the room.  He's always awake when I leave, and he'll be swinging his lovey, sometimes he sings/talks for a few minutes, sometimes he'll protest cry a little, and then he falls asleep.  If he's really tired, he'll just roll on his side and be asleep right away.
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  • We did ferber for night and I moved nursing to earlier in our routine so he doesn't associate that with the last thing he does before sleep.  Our night routine is:

    Nurse, Bath, Lotion & PJs, Story, (ipod) Rock til drowsy and sleep

    Nap routine is: Sleepsack,  (ipod) Rock til drowsy and sleep

    We play white noise for both and when I turn on his ipod he knows by the sound sleep is next. 

  • I'm a lurker from the 3-6 month bored but I thought I'd chime in.  I also did Ferber, actually just 5 nights ago, my LO is going to be 5 months on the 30th.  It has worked wonders!! Like you, we had to rock our LO to sleep for both naps and bedtime and it was becoming exhausting, especially when I rocked her longer than the actual nap.  We decided to go all out and ferberize her for both night and day.  She only cried for 20 mins the first night and hasn't cried since.  Naps have been tougher but not terrible, I actually think pretty good.  She's usually out in 10 mins. sometimes, fusses, sometimes cries, but she has ALWAYS fallen asleep.  Her cat naps have also extended and last usually between 40-an hour and a half.  If she wakes up in less than 45 mins. I let her cry and give it the amount of the check I'm on, which today was a 15 min. Ferber check, however, she was back out in less than 10 mins and lasted another hour.  It's been great.  I would just say to follow Ferber like you did for sleep and be consistent.  GL
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