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Do you have to be seen on base with tricare or can you go elsewhere

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  • It depends on the base. Where I am they are overcrowded on base so I was sent off base. I have also been told that if I do get assigned to an on base doctor and I do not like them I can request to be put off base, but that does not mean I will get my wish.
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  • I interpreted this question different in my answer than you did so I may have misunderstood the OP. A simple Yes you can be seen on or off base with Tricare would be my answer.

    Your answer makes me think the OP was asking about Tricare Prime or Tricare Standard.

    Either way, I hope she gets her answer.

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  • Bexx24Bexx24 member
    Depends on if you have standard, prime, and how crowded your base dr is. Ditto to PP, when our base is over crowded they send people out in town. Still don't tyically get to chose WHO out in town, but there are ways of requesting a different dr if you end up hating yours.
  • To totally confuse everyone, I am on Tricare Prime and I see a Civilian doctor. When we PCSd to Richmond, VA from San Diego I just called Tricare North and asked for my PCM to be the closest office to me that accepted Tricare. Maybe it's because I'm 30 miles from the closest MTF but I'm gonna try to do it again when we PCS next year.
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