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What do I do next??

Hello fellow mommies!  I could use a little direction... I am pregnant with our first, due in Jan, and have no idea what I should be doing?  What I mean is, is per Tricare's requirements I've done the orientation and had my first OB appt at the Naval hospital but now what??   I feel like I should be doing something, researching something, reading something. Do you know what I mean?  I am reading my books, I've got some maternity clothes... now what? Just sit back till I know the sex?   If I'm over thinking  please tell me (it is a neg trait of mine). I just don't want to be taken by surprise when someone says "did you.. or why didn't you.."

Thanks ladies.. I appreciate the help.


Re: What do I do next??

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    Live your life?  Honestly, it sounds like you got everything that you needed to do done.  You can start to think about birth plans and what you would like your experience to be.  Then you can ask your OB what is allowed at the hospital and what is provided there.  


    Pretty much this. Continue to do all the stuff you were doing before you were pregnant, with the exception of drinking and smoking or anything else your doctor told you that needed to be stopped. You may have to pair down your exercise routine if you were power lifting or something, but other than that continue on. 

  • Don't know if I'm at the birth plan stage but I guess this is something that I can look into. Growing up I just heard people talking bout giving birth, they never say "my birth plan was...." LOL  

    Thanks ladies I will just keep on truckin' LOL  Minus my wine :( Ahahahaha.  Now that I'm nearing the end of the 1st trimester and slowly regaining energy  I wouldn't mind getting out and walking or something to pass the time.




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  • I know everyone has their own opinion, but I think the birth plan is a bunch of nonsense. I briefly thought about how I wanted the birth to go but gave up when the things I thought I wanted weren't available at the hospital. I had my baby at Landstuhl Army hospital in Germany. anyway, I'm pretty sure that no matter what I planned it wouldn't have worked anyway. Since I have a fairly high pain tolerance, I didn't start feeling more than minor cramping until after my water broke so up to that point I was at work and doing chores around the house. And my son was born 2 hours after that, barely enough time to get to the hospital. I'm not trying to discourage you, but it wasn't for me.

    Just relax, get out and do stuff if you have the energy and enjoy the adventure and mystery of pregnancy.

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