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Hi everyone, 

New on the board here. I'll be delivering my first at St. Mary's in December. Have any of you delivered there? How was your birth experience?

I'll also be looking to use a doula. If you delivered at St. Mary's, was a doula allowed?

Many thanks in advance!


Re: St. Mary's in Langhorne

  • am delivering my first there end of july. will let you know how it turns out. my dr is out of there and we have been satisfied thus far.

  • I am a doula and have had great experiences at St. Mary's with clients.  Low intervention protocol, water therapy and doula support are welcome there.


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  • Thank you both!  I switched OBs to deliver at St. Mary's, so I'm glad to know that they are so open-minded. There are a lot of hospitals that aren't. I've had family in there before for other health issues and I was very impressed with the care.  Since I'm driving past two other hospitals to go there, I'm glad to hear I made a good choice! :)
  • Delivered my first there and delivering again in Sept. Had a fantastic experience. The nurses and doctors are great and I enjoyed the experience. I did not have a doula.

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  • I just delivered my first there on 6/18. My nurse was amazing. Had a great experience in ld and maternity.
  • Ill be delivering there August/ September. My ob is out if there. It's my first so ill let you know how it goes. My sister delivered there 4 years ago and had a great experience.
  • I delivered my first child there in 2010 and I loved it. In fact even though I have since moved out of the area, I kept my OB at that hospital and will deliver there hopefully in 3 weeks. The hospital is now about an hour drive from my home so that should tell you how good my experience was last time.
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  • I had a baby there last November.  The nurses in L&D are really sweet and very accommodating.  And the lactation consultant I dealt with was super nice!  Did you take the childbirth classes there too?
  • Do I need a doula for water therapy? Do all doctors at St.Mary's do or allow water therapy? 
  • Can those who have experience water therapy either as a birthing mom or doula speak to this at st marys? when i toured there a few years ago, they made it seem like that was not an option any more, they told me the tub was broken.
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