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Not a great sleeper; might as well move to bed?

Ds has never been a good sleeper. Since he was born. We had a stretch of a month where he slept through the night and then the molars started coming in. He wakes up once a night and we usually end up bringing him into bed.
Dh and I work in schools so we decided to wait until summer to re sleep train. I'm wondering if if we are going to struggle with sleep training, might as well do it all as once?
But if he isn't climbing out why tempt fate? Or we sleep train him in the crib and then he starts to climb out and we have to sleep train again?
Any thoughts?
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Re: Not a great sleeper; might as well move to bed?

  • My oldest was a HORRIBLE sleeper until we put him in a full size. It took some work/time but he is (knock on wood) much better sleeper than before. He pretty much puts himself to bed at 730.
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  • DS was a relatively good sleeper until 2 weeks ago, when we came back from a long trip, overseas, and we decided to take his binky away ( I know, not the smatest decision). He did not want to go to sleep on his own anymore. We kept following our normal bed routine (pj's, reading, brush teeth, read again, good night, lights off, stars on). Well, everything was going well until the part where mommy or daddy exists the room. Then he starts screaming and crying. At some point he jumped out of the crib, too. This lasted for over a week. And not to mention that he would also wake up in the middle of the night, crying, until I put him in bed with us. Well, we decided it is a time for a toddler bed and to sleep train all over again. So, 3 days ago we converted the crib to a toddler bed and decided to follow the routine and to stick to our guns. When time came, we got out of his room and even closed the door. He was yelling, running, screaming, banging on the door for 33 min. My heart was braking, but I did not go upstairs until 10 min. after the screaming stopped. At that point, DS was in his new bed, asleep. 

    Yesterday was day 2 of the sleep training. Did all the same as the previous evening. The screaming lasted only 2 min. After that he was fast asleep and did not wake up once during the night. Yeah, happy mama here. Now we will see for how long this lasts.

    Forgot to mention, DS will be 2 on 07/13. 

    Edit: I felt bad for letting him cry for such a long time, but then I though ... he gets a lot of love and attention during the day, from both me and DH, and it is probably OK to do this. 

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