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Hello, pregnant with my second..possibly going to switch to Ob doctor closer to my house in Lees Summit. Does anyone have a great recommendation of a doctor in Lees Summit that is affiliated with St.Luke's East?

If you have delivered at St.Luke's East, what did you like most about it?

(last baby I delivered at Centerpoint, which was great, just further from my home)

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Re: OBGYN--St.Luke's East

  • Associated Women's Care in Lees Summit is affiliated with St. Luke's East.  I relocated during the middle of my 3rd trimester.  I didn't have a problem with a single doctor there and the staff is always extremely nice.  I was considered high risk and upto the point of moving all my prenatal was done at St. Luke's East including some trips to the ER.  I absolutely loved St Luke's East. 

  • Thanks for the info!
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  • I also recommend Associated Women's Care.  The wait can be long sometimes but I've never had an issue with them (two babies delivered by their practice).  Both my girls were delivered at st Luke's east and I loved everyone there too!! 
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  • Rockhill Womens Clinics. Dr. Amsterdam is awesome! She listens and addresses any questions or concerns. She was very calm during my delivery which in turn made everyone calm and relaxed. The office is located at St. Luke's East. As for St. Luke's East maternity...they are golden! All the nurses we had were on top of everything and were friendly and helpful. I also like the fact that you can watch baby education videos in your room. Good for those late night feedings. ; Well wishes to you!
  • I see Dr Cobbinah with Associated Womens. Love her!!! :
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  • My sister in law also went to Dr. Cobbinah and delivered at St Lukes East and had a terrific experience!
  • Dr Lisa Amsterdam. I love her, all of my friends love her too! She really takes the time to go over your concerns and needs. 
  • Dr. Vandenboom with Rockhill Women's Care... I just simply LOVE him!
  • Dr. Pearman at Rockhill Women's Clinic is really good. I like her because she is straightforward and doesn't mess around and the rest of the nurses and staff there are also very friendly! 
  • I see Dr. Halberstadt at Rockhill Women's Care. She's been my OB for several years and I love her. I just found out I'm pregnant so I look forward to having her deliver!!
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    I just had a baby at Saint Lukes East on 6.17.2013. GREAT experience. My OBGYN is Carla Pearman at Rockhill Women's Clinic which is attached to the hospital. However, I went into labor on a Sunday so Dr. Finkle (from Rockhill too) actually delivered my baby. She was awesome too! 

    I loved Saint Lukes East because of their nurses. I wasn't bombarded with a ton of nurses when I "checked in." I had one nurse from the moment I got there all the way through my delivery. Her name is Elise and she was so helpful in getting me through my first delivery. Also, they didn't restrict visitors with visiting hours. The maternity ward doesn't have specific hours so that was nice since I delivered at 1:49am.

    I hope this helps! 

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