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Hot Air Balloon Theme?

Hello! I could use some thoughts and opinions please!!
I am super OCD, and now that we are expecting #2 I NEED to figure out what the nursery theme is going to be, haha

I am currently set on doing a Hot Air Balloon theme no matter if it is a boy or a girl. We will find out, so I will be able to tailor it more either way.

Here are a couple of pictures of what I am thinking. Any thoughts? My only concern is that it is too "boyish". I would obviously add more pinks if I have a girl.... am I over-thinking this??

I want to do the striped walls like this:

I definitely want these hot air balloons:




Does this rug scream boy??


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Re: Hot Air Balloon Theme?

  • Those are all SUCH CUTE PICS!! I love that theme, it definitely is not too boyish. 


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  • What a great theme! And I loved the rug for either.
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  • I was planning on doing a hot air balloon theme if I had a girl (ended up being a boy) - so I obviously think it works for either.  I was planning on this for over the crib in the pink/teal color scheme:


  • I love it! I had thought about a hot air balloon theme if I had a boy, I love how you have put it together for a girl though. I think you should definitely do it either way!
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  • Thank you!

     I wouldn't be using necessarily these colors, and wouldn't be using all the pieces- just coming up with ideas. 

    DH's only idea for a boy is "dinosaurs" and I told him that's not happening- haha.

     I'll post pics when it is finished! 

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  • I love the idea! I've also seen a hot air balloon print in the Walmart fabric section if you wanted to make some cute curtains or a dust ruffle for the crib.

    You'll have a lot of blue because everything will likely have a blue sky background, but so? I don't think that makes it too boyish at all. Babies like lots of bright contrasting colors, not the typical pastel colors that we tend to paint nurseries. I say go for it, and stimulate that wee brain!


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  • I did a hot air balloon baby shower theme for my best friend.  It was like your last pictures, coral and aqua.  I tried the paper mache hot air balloons and it took several layers of paint. Not worth it for a shower but if you have the time would be cute in a nursery.  Overall the shower was adorable.
  • i LOVE it! I was looking for a different theme for my first born's room. This isn't that girlish nor boyish so it works for either! The pics are great, too. Thanks for the idea

  • We are doing a hot air balloon theme as well :) It's going to have a vintage touch to it as well. We're planning on getting the white Jenny Lind crib and painting the walls a soft aqua -- I plan to add grey and orange for a boy or coral and grey for a girl. I have a huge Pinterest board going but it's private at the moment since I'm only 9 weeks and most people don't know yet, otherwise I'd share it with you :)
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