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Moving to Wilmington, DE with lots of questions:)

Hi Ladies,


My husband and I are moving to Wilmington July 1st from the DC area with our 1 month old daughter. Unfortunately we are not familiar with the area and I have a lot of questions. Any help would be appreciated:)

1. Do you have any children's consignment stores in the northern DE or Philly area? I have a few here that I shop at frequently for clothing, and hope to continue once we move. Doing google searches didn't bring up much.


2. What grocery stores do you recommend for best quality and prices? I've heard bad things about Acme and Superfresh. I love Wegmans in DC, but it looks like there are none up in DE.  Is Shoprite better?



Re: Moving to Wilmington, DE with lots of questions:)

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    Hi and welcome! I know there is a store called Once Upon a Child in Pike creek. I have gone there a couple times.

    I shop at Acme and Pathmark, mainly because they are convenient for me.
    Good luck with your move!!
  • Thank you! Do you like the prices and selection at Once upon a child?
  • I love wegmans! I wish they would bring one here. I make my husband stop anytime we pass one lol. I like to shop at redners or shop rite.

    Once upon a child is great. I usually shop at the Dover store but its very small
  • I love Wegman's! I heard a rumor that we'll be getting one but it hasn't happened yet. I loathe Acme. It's so expensive! There are two close to me but I drive an extra 10 minutes to the ShopRite in Newport. Things are cheaper there. I like that one and the one on 202 but tend to stay away from the one on Route 4. 

    One upon a child is okay but most of the time I buy consignment is through a consignment page on Facebook. 

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  • I am from Charles County and transplanted to DE for my husband's job in 2009.  We decided to reside in Kent County since we wanted a slower pace.  If I had decided on New Castle I would have definitely lived in most northern part of the state, that is where you will find the most conveniences and stores you are used to seeing in the Metro area. They do not have a Wegmans yet but they do have a brand new Whole Foods close by.  I personally like Redners, Acme and Shop Rite. Dont forget DE is a small state so what they lack in chain stores they more than make up for with small businesses. 

     Enjoy! It is way different than the Metro area, but it is a better different.

  • Thank you for your help! I would LOVE to get a Wegmans. I'll have to look into Redners, never heard of it!
  • Hi there! We shop at Super G, which is pretty much like a giant Giant and Safeway.

    Quality kids consignments are hard to come by in this area, there are a couple in West Chester, PA. It's really not that far. There are also local online kids consignment groups on Facebook which I've had great success with. 

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