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Fun activity!

so i 'pinterested' (same as googled right??) an idea for toddler rainy day ideas and found a ton! but my OCD (not really) son doesn't like getting his hands dirty! silly i can only do so much with him. 

i tried building a fort under the dining room table which i thought would be a HUGE hit...well, he freaked out when i went in there and he couldn't see me anymore and was too scared to go in alone or even with me go

then i made oobleck (sp?) cornstarch and water in a dollar store aluminum baking tin and it was a 20 min HUGE hit!!! he used his plastic utensils and just poked it for 20 whole min!

i'll bring that one out again for sure and it's a cheap sorta mess free activitiy. i put beach towels under his booster chair and it just flakes off when you shake it out on the deck or in the yard so it's easy clean up!

hope your hump day is going well!


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Re: Fun activity!

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    We did this a few weeks ago.  She loved it.
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  • a little more detail for this please! would love to give it a whirl with my DD

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