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Pregnancy Check-In

Hi mommas - how are things going?  Updates?

QOTD: What baby purchase did you/are you stressing about most?  If you have made a decision, how did you come to your conclusion? 

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Re: Pregnancy Check-In

  • Good morning, ladies!

    Physically, there are no big updates.  I mentioned last week (in TTT, I think) that I had experienced round ligament pain and heartburn.  That only lasted a 2-3 days and hasn't returned.  Eagerly awaiting our A/S on July 9th.  Although I'm mostly positive, I still have nagging fears about something awful happening.  Do these fears ever go away?  :-(

    The big discussion around here is the name.  We are getting nowhere.  My wife is Hispanic (Mexican) and I'm Caucasian - she is drawn to more traditional Hispanic names, but I'm opposed because I cannot pronounce the names in the beautiful way that she can.  At least we have 22 more weeks to figure this out - I think it is going to take the entire time at the rate we're going! 

    QOTD: So far, the biggest challenge has been deciding on a carseat and stroller.  I know that we want a second kiddo in the not too distant future, so I really wanted a stroller that would work as a single/double with a infant/toddler combination. I googled up a storm, talked to friends, read reviews and finally decided on a Britax B-Ready.  Plus, I found a website that was selling the B-Ready at $120 off and Britax is running a promotion right now offering a free carseat with purchase of a stroller.  And the website offered free shipping.  So, I feel really good about the purchase.  I'm feeling a little guilty because I would also like a jogging stroller (my wife and I are both avid runners) and I didn't think a jogging stroller would be convenient for day-to-day use (heavy & cumbersome).  I'm still struggling with crib mattress - I would really like an organic mattress, but the price tag is crazy.  I think I've found a  good compromise - it's non-toxic, but not organic.  This baby shopping is hard stuff! 

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  • A few days overdue here, and headed to our 40 week appointment today. They will do a membrane sweep, which will hopefully get things moving. I was having some crampy contractions last night about 10 minutes apart, so hopefully that helped with some cervical thinning! We're ready for this little one! V has started her FMLA leave alreadys, her mother, our second birth partner, is on tender hooks waiting for 'the call', all we need is some good, strong painful contractions :)

    QOTD:- The most difficult thing for us to decide on was the crib. We'd initially decided on a 4 in one that would eventually convert into a double bed, they seemed pricier, but better value in the long run. Then we made a trip to Ikea and realized that little kids rarely want a double bed, they want bunk beds and fun stuff in their room. We ended up going with a really nice crib from Ikea that ended up costing a third of what we'd have spent on a 4 in 1 but will work until he's out of a toddler bed. 

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  • Hello ladies!

    I'm tentatively joining you all today (tentative, but also really excited!). Sunday night we got a BFP on our fourth try post mc.  My wife is carrying and she woke up early in the morning to pee on a stick because she said her hopes were far too high and she needed to see a negative test as a "reality check." Well, that reality turned out to be a little pink line :) She woke me up with a "present" and I couldn't even be upset she tested without me, I was so happy (we always test together).  We are only at 10 DPO today, and AF isn't supposed to arrive for a few days so it doesn't feel quite real yet.  And of course, we could lose it like last time, but FXed this is our take home baby :) 

    What is odd is that I'm strangely calm about it all.  The first pregnancy I was crazy about everything and I think losing it would make me more anxious this time, but so far I feel more calm.  Hopefully that lasts. 

    As for the QOTD: My wife and I feel pretty nonchalant about the baby gear so far.  We both work with kids and all the "baby stuff" doesn't feel too important to us in the long run.  It helps that for last Christmas my wife already bought me a beautiful woven wrap and I have sewn quite a few cloth diapers already :)  Those would probably be the things I would think about the most.  We have already decided on what car seat/stroller we like. 



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  • No huge news here.  Just waiting for these boys to show up.  I've developed PUPPP which is awful and makes me want to just lay in a pool all day.  But I'm almost at the end and hopefully will be meeting these guys in the next few days.
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  • Hello everyone! I am checking in from vacation this week at a cabin with my extended family. Not much new on the pregnancy front... Lots of strong kicks from our little man and our anatomy scan is next week. Other than that I am feeling good.
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  • 33 weeks tomorrow. We think baby is breech again (which is okay because we have a few weeks where he/she can still flip without issue). The movements feel different now and there's a lot of pushing out in various places on my belly. I have a prenatal massage schedule each week, and acupuncture schedule every other week, along with a couple more chiro appointments, between now and birth. Ahhhh.

    QOTD: The most stressful is our carseat and stroller purchases. We're going with the Britax B-Safe car seat (and most likely the Chicco NextFit for a convertible). The big challenge is the stroller. I plan to baby wear a lot, but know I want a stroller for some things. Somehow with Britax's Free Ride event, I've convinced myself that the B-Ready is a good option (lots of configurations and the ability to use it as a double if I end up nannying for another family). The drawbacks are it's size/weight. I think I'm going to get it and try it out and if I hate it I can return or sell it and get a more basic stroller. 


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  • I haven't been checking in much, but I have a minute today and thought I would.  Everything is going smooth as butter so far, and we hope it stays that way!  I think tomorrow is our last monthly appointment before we go every 2 weeks.  Less than 2 months away, yikes!!  I can't believe our baby shower is next week already!  It seemed so far away before.  This weekend we are going to Twin Cities Pride and while we are there, we will be picking up a marriage license!  So surreal.  I remember in High School thinking that yeah, opinions on gay rights were changing, but it would be my kids' generation that would see marriage equality, I never expected to be married this soon.  Wedding is August 1st, we just need to figure out who is going to officiate the ceremony.  Hopefully it's one of two people, since I haven't contacted any judges as a "back-up." 

     QOTD: We haven't really had big stresses about baby stuff or names.  The only item thing that I am kind of stressing over is a glider.  We picked one out, and were going to buy it, but since we had already bought a crib, changing table/dresser, stroller, car seat, my mom got upset and asked what people were going to buy us for the shower if we just bought everything, so we haven't gotten the glider in the hopes that my mom will get that for us.

    The one other stress is the nursery.  It is mostly done (toy box constructed, walls and ceiling painted, carpet shampooed and vacuumed), but I am planning an animal mural to go on the walls and my friend who said she would do it hasn't gotten started yet.  I can't put anything in the room until it's done, and I just want to be done with it!  

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  • Hi all, I'm still trying to believe this baby is actually coming. No movement felt yet, but we had a midwife appointment on Saturday and the heartbeat was very strong and exactly where it should be. I go between having 2nd tri energy kicks to complete exhaustion. I didn't feel well this weekend, but my wife got me out of the house twice - once for a long bike ride and other time for a walk along the beach.

    QOTD: Having just finished with all the wedding stuff last week, I haven't thought much about baby purchases. My coworker wants to through me a baby shower at the end of August and has already asked me for my registry. So I guess it is time that I start doing the research! I'm also of the mind that baby doesn't need that much stuff, but I'm sure there are essentials I will not want to live without. I will use your QOTD as a starting point!

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  • What a difference a week makes. Last week I was anxious/scared/not believing this preg would work out. Now I'm too tired and nauseous to worry and that's a great thing... Means that hormones and growth is where it should be. :

    Telling my parents this week, yay!

    Q: we have a lot of work to do on the bedroom, but no stress over purchases since its 2.
  • Rounding out 2nd tri already. It's getting super real and so is the hip pain. Lol. Overall I'm feeling good, my weight is awesome, but if a push too hard or stay in place too long I'm discovering that my body doesn't want to move. The baby really favors my left side, which is cute and we joke about it being left handed like me. Also we know she was conceived from the left ovary as well, so anyway, we joke about it. My skin feels taught now too and I'm religiously applying my cream and oil to try to prevent stretch marks, but honestly just for comfort. I'm so thankful the new job is work from home because I don't have to get out in the summer heat if I don't want to. Yay!

    Qotd: I can relate on both the crib and carseat stroller debate! I have really toiled over the baby stuff. It just all feels so final to me for some reason. Although we want two it will probably be a couple of years so we went with consumer reports advice and chose a chicco carseat and stroller combo. Hopefully those will last through two children and it got great reviews for both the seat and stroller. I will admit I want a jogger as well, but ultimately decided to register for a lightweight all purpose stroller as well. I debated between the uppababy lite and contour lite deciding on the contour for the storage factor and child tray. We also initially wanted a 4 in 1 bed but after some discussion decided to just buy a crib to use for our children with the same reasoning as clairemej. Kids ultimately want something fun and I want to give it to them. There's plenty Of other places for practicality.
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