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need some advice

need some advice ladies,

I had a miscarriage and a D&E back in April. My OB put me on BC and my fiance and I have decide to try again so I stopped taking them on the 8th of June and started my withdrawal bleeding on the 10th thru the 13th. My LMP was 5/26/2013. I have been having some pregnancy symptoms like increase in appetite, light cramps, going to pee once an hr and a little moody. Am I pregnant or just wishing I was? Is it too early to be pregnant?

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  • TBN13TBN13 member
    I wouldn't say it's too early to be pregnant per se... as you've probably already ovulated, etc.  I didn't have symptoms that early on but everyone is different. I would give it until you are a week late and test.  The 2WW is soooo hard :-/  
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