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Base prenatal care vent

I just left my 16 week check in tears. I know it's the hormones but I am really disappointed that I had to see a different healthcare provider than last time. I just assumed that I would see the same nurse practitioner until we moved to the main hospital at 28 weeks.
I spent most of the appointment explaining how I wanted to go home before our PCS date November and baby due date December, something my husband and I already squared away with the previous Nurse.
On top of that she spent a good 3 or 4 minutes looking for the babies heartbeat! Nerve racking!!
As a first time mom, I wanted to ask if I will be bounced around from nurse to nurse to doctor to doctor before I go home to deliver?

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    You can always ask to be booked with a specific provider when you make your next appointment.
  • If you don't specifically request the same provider you will see whoever is available.  I have pretty much seen a different provider everytime. If I wanted to see the same one I would request it, but I like to get to know as many providers as possible because I have no idea who will be on call when I go into labor.

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  • I don't know what base you are on, but it is pretty common to be seen by a different provider every time. I was given the option to be seen at the women's clinic and see a different midwife every time OR be seen by family practice and see the same doctor every time. I don't know if you have the same option, but when I in-processed for my pregnancy I was given a choice.

    Also, at 16w it doesn't surprise me it took long to find LO heartbeat with a Doppler. Yes it can be alarming, but keep in mind LO is small AND bc they are active sometimes it is harder to find LO. I personally find that if I don't eat or drink before the appointment LO is more mellow and easier to find.

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  • Almost everyone I know with civilian insurance sees whoever is available at the time of the appointment. This isn't a base issue IMO. Like pp said, a lot of practices recommend that, since you won't know who is on call when you go into labor. 
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  • Be glad you have prenatal care on base. The closest womens health clinic that is Tricare approved is half an hour away with no traffic and 45-60min with traffic. While it is nice to see the same person during your visits, I agree with PPs, especially since you aren't even going to be delivering with that staff.
  • Most people, no matter civilian or military, see different providers at each appointment.  The reason they do that is because they want their patients to get to know each doctor/midwife/pa because any one of them could be on call when you deliver.  
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  • It depends on where you're at, but in my experience, this is pretty standard. Even at civilian offices, it is often the case. I had a civilian doctor with DD, but there were 5 doctors in the practice. I was scheduled with each one because whoever was on call would be who I'd deliver with. They didn't want me to deliver with someone I'd never met before. I understand that you're upset, but I think you're overreacting. This is common among the military and civilians.
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  • danosadanosa member
    Thanks ladies I get why I saw a different provider now... I'm just annoyed that the first nurse took the time to write out our PCS situation in my file and it seems like this lady didn't read it. I'll be sure to ask for my first nurse for my next two appointments since I won't be delivering with them anyway.
  • Depending on where you are they may also offer Centering Pregnancy.  It's a group (I think ours was about 10) and I was very hesitant to even try it as I'm very private but it was wonderful.  Appts were about two hours long, we all got to ask questions, we learned a lot.  Several of the ladies were not first time moms so we got their experience as well.  I don't know how many times someone else's question spurred one of my own.  If it's an option where you are I would really recommend trying it out.  You can always drop out if you don't like it.
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