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I can't believe it worked!!!!

So I was a little skeptical but desperate at the same time, so I decided to try that program I've been asking you guys about. And we are on day 3 and she hasnt had any accidents, she even wakes up dry, that's just crazy, she NEVER did that!. I  have been trying to do this for 5 months now on my own and all it took was this program. I can't believe it, I'm astonished right now, I never thought my daughter was going to be able to do this, she was so stubborn and so unwilling to learn. I just had to come on here and "brag" because this is sooooo exciting! 

Re: I can't believe it worked!!!!

  • what program are you talking about?  Please share!
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  •  it's the no sweat potty training program, it's like $30 bucks but sooooo worth it. It says your child will be diaper free in one day, just understand that doesnt mean your child will be potty trained in one day because that's unrealistic. But within a matter of days for sure. We were potty trained by the 3rd day with no accidents (i'm sure there will be some from time to time). And my daughter was super stubborn i never thought it was possible and she goes in the potty and does her duty all by herself. It's nuts! Here's the site https://www.sleepsense.net/share.html?p=sleepbabysleep&w=nsptsales  
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