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Backpack brand suggestion

My son starts preschool in the fall so I've been researching back packs and lunch boxes, etc.  I know I'm early in shopping, but I need to figure out what I want so I can start watching for sales.  We are on a limited budget, but I don't want to buy something cheap from walmart that I have to replace in a few months. 

I want to get one that is small enough for him now (he is very skinny and would look odd with a regular backpack).  I would also like one that could potentially last him through maybe 1st grade, or until he outgrows it.  His lunch box needs to fit in the backpack too, at least for his first year anyway.  

Do any of you have suggestions on the main brands?  I'm sort of leaning towards the LLBean line, the junior bag and the smaller lunch box they have.  I've also looked at pottery barn, lands end and also jansport has a mini backpack.  Any pros/cons that you have come across with these brands/bags?  Are there any brands I'm missing that are the same quality?  Any input would be appreciated!

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  • Backpack with no wheels are the only specifics.  I do have to buy him two folders so I assume one will be for his backpack.  They didn't say he has to put his lunchbox in the bag, that's just my thinking so he doesn't have to carry it or lose it.  In regards to lunch, I have to provide him with a lunch and a snack.  For the preschoolers they do not allow them to eat the school lunch because instead of going in the school cafeteria, they eat in their room.  Depending on which teacher he gets (there are 2) his snack will either need to be in a separate bag (which I was thinking a paper bag?) or all fit in his lunchbox.

  • The junior is fine for preschool but it is small. DS has this for Lindergarten and it is on sale
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  • My DS has had a Land's End backpack and lunchbox for 3 school years and it looks brand new.   I can definitely see them lasting for a few more years, or maybe even through elementary school.  Amazing.

    DD, who just finished 7th, has had a few different backpacks.  The first two were Jansport from Target.  One was shredded after just a year.  The other lasted for 4 school years.  When she started middle school, I got her a full-sized LLBean backpack, and it's been great.  Very sturdy.

    I would say that both LLBean and Land's End are worth every penny.

    Before you buy him a preschool-sized backpack that you're hoping to make last into elementary school, you might want to consider that some kindergarten classes require a full-sized backpack.  Maybe ask around other parents in your area and see what the word is at your elementary school on kindy backpacks.

    Stuff tends to go on sale just after July 4th. 

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  • One other thing to consider is how long you want it to last because some people want to let their kids pick out new backpacks yearly and other people want one to last forever. Even if my sons LLBean junior was big enough I still wanted him to get to pick out a new one for Kindergarten and it was not worth the money because it was only used for one year. But for the price of the Lands End right now it is worth it for a year since it is cheaper than crappy ones.
    Jen - Mom to two December 12 babies Nathaniel 12/12/06 and Addison 12/12/08
  • Ll bean for sure.i still have mine from 16 years ago and it looks new. If it breaks in any way, they will replace it at any time,
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  • Don't knock the Walmart Backpacks... I bought one 8 years ago and am still using it with no signs of being worn out...  DD's daycare backpack lasted all through her time there too.. 

    Jansport is a good brand that we've had good luck with since DD started school.

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  • Thanks for your help!  I really appreciate all your input, it helps a lot!
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