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How much communication do you expect from school in K?

DS1 is in summer school right now and will be starting K in the fall (they have summer school for all of the grades, and offer it to kids starting in the fall so they can get familiar with the staff and building).  He's been going since 5/28 and will get out 6/28.  I've gotten no communication from the school on how he's adjusting, his behavior, what they do, nothing.  He gives me some info, when I ask how his day was, but that's about it.  Am I expecting too much or would you be wanting more info from the teachers if he had an exceptionally well or difficult day as well as what the class is learning.  The way the info packet made it seem was that he was going to be bringing papers home each day, the first day he brought home the bus schedule, other than that he's brought home 2 pics that he's colored.

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Re: How much communication do you expect from school in K?

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    I find most kindies do not communicate at anywhere the level parents expect from preschool. Some teachers do a newsletter or update their website to reflect the general theme and flow of their days, but you don't generally get updates unless something is seriously off.

    I would assume a pre-kindie summer session would be about getting used to the building, learning the classroom etiquette and playing with new friends. I would be a little put off by reams of worksheets in the backpack at this age. 

    They didn't make it seem like there would be worksheets, but more like updates, or more examples of pictures etc they've done in class.  One of our neighbors was saying that their DD was getting home sent each day (during the school year at least) with some colored card that reflected her behavior that day. 

    I know they have a chance to earn tickets each day for good behavior (up to 3) and the tickets get chosen for prizes.  For example, if DS1 doesn't get all 3 (sometimes he doesn't get any, sometimes he gets 3), I'd like to have an idea of why so we could work on that issue at home (is he not listening, too wound up, back talking, getting rough with others).  Again, maybe I'm expecting too much, but I just don't know how we're supposed to help him have a good experience as well as be an enjoyable student if we don't know what's going on. 

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  • If I was wanting to know what you are interested in, I'd just ask the teacher!  When they go to kinder (or elementary in general, really) you aren't going to get feedback on a regular basis- just at conference time.  I think that if he was having a significantly difficult time they would have contacted you.  But what you are wondering about is certainly reasonable, so just ask. 
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  • My kids' school uses a "green-yellow-orange-red" system for classroom behavior.  If they behave, they're on green; one infraction is yellow, and on up through the colors.  They have a calendar in their daily take-home folders.  At the end of the day, they color in that day's box with the color they achieved for the day.

    In this way, parents know whether kids have misbehaved or stayed "on green" all day.  Teachers tend to grade all the written work for the week and give it back in a big lump once a week.  However, in early K, there's not much work to give back.  Most of the learning is in getting used to the environment and hands on activities.

    It's very different from the level of personal feedback you get in preschool. 

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  • Keep in mind that summer school is going to differ than regular school year communication.  I've taught our incoming kindergarten class during summer school.  It was 4 hrs/day for 4 weeks and most years I had 25-28 kids.  I simply don't/didn't have the time to communicate like I would during the school year.

    Now, having said that, we were required to send home an "intro letter" the first week telling a blurb about ourselves and what we're do the first two weeks.  Then during the 3rd week I had to send home another letter about our last 2 weeks.  the kids brought home projects as we did them, but it wasn't every day.  Other than that, if you didn't hear from me all was good.


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  • I didn't expect and didn't receive much communication.  If I had any concerns, I could call or email the teacher but this is not like daycare/preschool and you will not get daily or even weekly updates.  In our school (k-6) the kids have a Friday folder and any communications come home in that.  A newsletter is emailed out each Friday as well.  Neither of these things will cover individual stuff though.  Conferences are twice a year or upon request.
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