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Anyone use Mirena?

My OB just ordered it for me yesterday, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's covered or how much my copay would be.  I'm on Standard.  Thanks!

Re: Anyone use Mirena?

  • I have it but my OB recommended I have it put in once I switched back to Prime after DS2 was born because it would be 100% covered on Prime but cost $150+ if she put it in on Standard.  
  • Oh dang, I wasn't expecting that much.  Good to know though, thanks!
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  • I was on Standard when I got mine.  I didn't pay anything for it.  Paid nothing for removal either.  I loved that I didn't have to worry about anything with it.  I did have one annoying side effect that has almost completely gone away in the last few months since I had it removed.  After about a year, I started having terrible panic attacks quite often.  The good out weighed the bad for me at the time and I kept it in for the full five years.  

    However, removal was not cool.  It was stuck.  I had to go have a sono.  It was slightly snagged into my uterine lining.  It wasn't snagged bad enough for surgery.  After talking to several doctors, they decided to try a good tug.  It came out with a hefty yank.  I've had no issues since then.  

    Because it had snagged, we decided to go with Nuva-ring now instead of another IUD.   

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  • Good to know you didn't pay anything TX.  I guess I'll just wait and see.  And that's definitely not cool about your removal, but good to know.  Thanks for telling me.
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