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Moving to NH right after baby comes!

Hello all!


My husband and I are planning a move for april/may 2014. Our first child is due 2/1/2014!


We are hoping to rent for a little while to get settled and save a bit more money, but we would eventually love to buy some land and a home somewhere in southern NH.

Are there any areas that are particularly family friendly, specifically large family friendly? (we plan on having a pretty large family not too far off) 

Re: Moving to NH right after baby comes!

  • The Rindge/New Ipswich area is very large family friendly. I know alot of families with 6plus children in this area. This area also is semi rural so it means when looking for a house it can be very easy to find a large house with lots of land the schools aren't bad either in the area, one high school was ranked very high and had the lowest drop out rate in the state. There's also a few nontraditional schools around too...christian catholic Waldorf and special need schools. The rec departments have all the popular sports teams for all ages.

    Good luck on your search!
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