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Potty Training

not sure where to go from here.

Ok so DS is 2 years 2 months old. We have a little potty and have had it for a while. Every once in a while i would let him run around naked while we were home to see what he would do about going on the potty. 99% of the time he peed on the floor.

The last couple of days.. maybe since monday, i let him be naked at home to see what would happen again. The 1st day i sat him on it and he peed. And then later he started peeing while he was playing and i ran him to the potty and he peed in there. then, every time after that he has just stopped whatever he was doing got up, went to the potty and peed! He hasn't peed on the floor since like monday night.

Now i have been putting diapers on him when we leave the house and for naps and bedtime because i wasnt really planning on full on potty training him, i was just going to see what he would do.

I tried to put underwear on him while we were home and he pees in it. Same with a diaper. So if he is wearing something he will just pee in the diaper/undies and not attempt to go to the potty. If hes naked he will go right to the potty.

Im not sure where to go from here. I do have the next 4 days off tho so i was thinking since its a long weekend and there isnt a ton of running around errands to be done i should maybe work on him potty training more.

I dont know. Does it sound like he is ready? How do i get him to realize he needs to pull his underwear down and pee? He clearly gets it if he is stopping whatever he is doing to go over to the potty and pee when hes naked right?

Sorry this is so long and probably confusing. I'm so shocked that he hasn't peed on my floor!! I was not expecting this. 

Re: not sure where to go from here.

  • It sounds like he's ready! I would not use pull ups anymore, except for naps and nighttime. Let him run around bare bottomed. On Sunday and monday go to the park for an hour or two, putting him in loose shorts or pants, no undies since they feel like a diaper to him. Good luck!
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  • VespahVespah member

    Sounds pretty normal. I'd keep him bare bummed at home, anytime at all you are home. When you go out and he needs to wear pants/shorts let him go commando and trust him to hold it. He may surprise you at his ability to hold his pee if he knows he has to.

    Undies are tight and secure around the bum and feel like diapers. You don't want to introduce them until they have been accident free for a long time. And pull ups are just more convenient diapers, of course he's going to pee in them.

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