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Avocado allergy?

Quick background: My DH has a couple food allergies, ranging from mild reactions to anaphylaxis depending on the food.  I've been nervous about food allergies in LO for this reason.

She is 7 months old.  I gave her avocado last night, and 4-5 hours later, she vomited all over the place.  It seemed like so much vomit.  She wasn't distressed by it, and was smiling and happy as soon as she was done.

I'm assuming this was an allergic reaction to the avocado (DH itches a little when he eats avocado).  Are there any other foods that are in the same "allergy family" that I should avoid that might cause a reaction as well?

She also just started teething, and I gave her Tylenol for the first time last night, so I don't know if that could have anything to do with it. 

Re: Avocado allergy?

  • I believe latex (like the gloves) have the same allergy properties as avocado. Has your LO ever been around that before? 

    The vomiting could have been from anything. I would wait a few days, try the avocado again and see what happens. If there is vomiting then you know the culprit. I would also speak to your pedi asap because latex is pretty common in our society.  

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  • joi717joi717 member
    My 10 month old DS has terrible food allergies, then we realized he was allergic to some latex/rubber spoons, and those floor play mats. I googled it (very official I know) and it does turn out that stone fruits are any fruit with a big, hard pit, like avocados, peaches, etc. and it can go along with the latex allergy. We wondered why his cheeks broke out more with the avocado..now we know.
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  • also watch out for the tropical fruits I can't eat any of them due to my body confusing it with a latex allergic
  • My friend has a latex allergy and is also allergic to avocados and bananas...apparently they tend to go together!


  • Avocado, latex, bananas and kiwis are what our allergist told us.
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