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 I am 6 weeks pregnant today. This past weekend i flew to DC, on the plane ride up, the plane was normal passenger size plane with 3 seats on each side, i felt fine and comfortable. On my return trip thought, my plane was a 2 seater. In the initial take-off i felt fine, like i have in the past flying small planes.But this time and like most times i normally fall asleep  in the beginning and then  i woke up when they were serving drinks.  During that time I all of sudden started to have tight feeling around by my chest, i felt hot, i felt like i couldn't breathe, i had to get up and walk around. I asked the flight attendant and she said that, they didn't mind me walking around but that they would not be responsible if anything occurred. I have never in my life felt like that in a plane, and im bit worried, that when i fly out to San Diego Next week that they may occur again. I was blessed to find a seat int he front with a gentlemen who helped me through it by talking about his kids and his family. 


So has this ever happened to anyone? Do you recommend me flying again in a week ( P,s i have already checked that my flights next week are on big planes)



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  • Panic Attacks are very common, especially when it comes to flying. Our thoughts and worries often trigger a very strong reaction in our body. It is fueled by adrenaline. You should definitely keep flying, but learn the coping skills to reduce your anxiety that causes your heart to race, difficulty breathing etc.  Just remember that this is very treatable. Talk with your doctor about it and you can even see a psychotherapist. You will feel so much better! 

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    Hopefully it was a one time thing but I have suffered with anxiety since my last pregnancy. Mine is manageable for the most part, but I am now also much more sensitive to caffeine than before and cutting back on that seems to also help the anxiety. It drives me crazy because it feels so irrational. Like mentally, I might feel perfectly fine, but then I"ll have a physical anxiety reaction sometimes that I can't talk myself out of. And flying on an airplane is a big one for me. 

    Good luck traveling, hopefully you'll handle it just fine! 

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