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Prenatal Yoga?

Does anyone go to a prenatal yoga class on the west side? I'm only in my first trimester, but would like to be a bit more active than just walking. Plus I would love to get involved in yoga again! Thanks!

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  • srad84srad84
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    I just bought a groupon for yoga at Puma Yoga in Lakewood. They have prenatal. I'm also in the first trimester so I'll probably continue with regular yoga until it becomes difficult to practice.

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  • Inner Bliss has prenatal yoga the last Sunday of every month at 5:30 I think. I haven't been to it yet, I am also in my first trimester, but that is my usual yoga spot and absolutely love the studio. I'm not sure if it is at their Rocky River or Westlake studio, both are great!
  • Thanks! I will look into both of those studios! :)
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