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Moving to TX from OH

Hello! My DH was offered a job in Houston and we are coming down next week to check out the city/places to live/etc.

Can anyone point me in a direction of which neighborhoods are good for a young family (we have 2 kids under age 4). Also, my DH will be working downtown so we'd like to factor his commute in if at all possible. We're looking to rent a place for the first year.

Thanks so much in advance. Relocating our family from Ohio is very overwhelming but we are excited Big Smile

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Re: Moving to TX from OH

  • You might check out Pearland. That is where we live. We are in the Silverlake community. Lots of kids and good schools. Only 14 miles to downtown. One of the closer suburbs.



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    Pearland is a nice place to live. Shadowcreek Ranch is a good master planned community in the Pearland area. It's on the west (newer) side of Pearland. Travel to downtown from the Shadowcreek neighborhood is about 15 minutes. BUT during traffic hour in the morning, it can take closer to 30 minutes depending on what time you leave. We also have a Town Center which is a shopping center with restaurants and also apartments (albeit pricey ones). We're near the beltway (toll road/highway) which gives you easy access to the East & West parts of Houston and surrounding areas. Pearland is about 20 minutes from the Medical Center and also Reliant Center (football games, events). It's about 25 minutes from the Galleria (if you love to shop). 

    I saw someone mentioned SilverLake. That is a good community also. Silverlake is in the Pearland school district while Shadow Creek is in the Alvin school district. But, in Shadow Creek, we have our own elementary and junior high schools w/in the neighborhood. Its a big neighborhood. Shadow Creek has walking trails and our own water park along with other recreational facilities throughout (pool, volleyball court, tennis courts, etc). IF you look into Shadow Creek, I suggest you make sure to reside on the side closer to 288. In Shadow Creek, part of the the neighborhood is Brazoria county (Alvin ISD) and the other part is Fort Bend County (Fort Bend ISD). The people living on the Fort Bend county side, their children go to schools not located w/in the neighborhood. Overall, it's a nice place to live. It've very diverse ethnicty-wise. There are grocery stores within 10 minutes of the neighborhood (HEB, Kroger, Aldi, Walmart, Target) along with shopping centers and plenty of daycares also. There are 3 nearby community ER/Urgent care facilities along with a Memorial Herman hospital system. The Kelsey Sebold clinic will be opening this summer. We're also getting our own hospital which will have a labor/delivery section. Right now, if you're pregnant, you usually just go to the medical center which is about 15 minutes away. Pearland has a bit of a modern country feel where you sort of get away from the city but we're only 10-15 minutes away from downtown. So, you get the quiet residential area but you are still very close to the hustle and bustle of the city of Houston. Pearland was 1 of the 2 Houston areas that ranked as one of the safest cities in the US. The other was Sugar Land which is also a nice city but the commute into downtown during traffic is horrendous so that's why I suggested Pearland. I hope this helps. 

  • We have some friends from OH that have moved down here and they absolutely love it!! Bring on the corn hole!!

    Look at the Atascocita area on Lake Houston. Lakeshore, Summerwood and Eagle Springs are great neighborhoods - everything is close and people are great! If you need more information, feel free to reach out to me! My best friend is a Bengals fan and lives in our neighborhood! Her sister is moving down this summer and so his her best friend and his wife - all from OH! Check out this area - so nice!

    Oh and only a 25 min drive to downtown Houston!!


    Good luck!!

  • The Woodlands is amazing. Check out the township's website:


    I love living here. 

    Soon to be a mom of 7! Guess who's in the market for a 12-passenger van!
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    Thank you so much ladies. My DH just verbally accepted the job in Houston so we'll be moving sometime this summer. I'm nervous but excited Big Smile
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  • Be excited!  My husband and I are OH natives and now live in Houston.  We live on the west side of town and are just off of the Beltway.  Since we are expecting our first, if we were to move in the next few years, we would probably head out towards Katy.  We have friends that live out that way and everything out there seems geared towards young families.  It's a quickly growing area that doesn't seem to be out-of-reality expensive.  Congratulations on the new job and new adventure for the entire family!  
  • Congrats! It depends on your price range and tolerance level for traffic :). If you are on the higher end, definitely check out the Heights area, Meyerland, Bellaire, etc. if you prefer the burbs, and/or have a tighter budget, Pearland is definitely a great, and close to downtown. (Although, the commute can still be easily 45 minutes) Sugar Land is gorgeous and has much better shopping and restaurants than Pearland, but is a little further out and pricier. Friendswood is also nice, as is the Spring area. I would probably avoid The Woodlands (although it is a fantastic place to live, the commute would be a bit long) and Cypress, and even Katy due to the long commute, but have a low tolerance for traffic!
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  • We live in Pearland and like it but would have preferred Katy. My hubby works in Baytown and I work in Sugar Land so Pearland kinda splits the commuting distance. I grew up in Sugar Land and its nice. Good schools, great restaurants but can be a little snooty. It's also grown so much so the traffic is awful.
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