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Home sick...

I'm a bit home sick today. I'll be a FTM at the end of June. I've lived in sydney since the end of September and have slowly adjusted to a place where I'm feeling good here. 

 I'm just thinking about having the baby and the fact that none of my family or friends will see the little guy. We hopefully will make it home in January if all goes as planned but the baby will be 6 months by then.  Ive met some nice people here but nowhere the network of friends and acquaintances that I have at home.  I guess some days it just hits you more than others.  


Anyone else feel like this? 

Re: Home sick...

  • your Mothers group you'll get hooked up with by your early childhood centre after the baby is born will help a LOT I promise

    I didn't know many people either, and I met 2 really good friends in my mothers group. Plus it was something to look forward to every week - we met weekly for a year!

    I think it's totally normal, I was quite sad having my baby here with my parents so far away. We did skype at the hospital though :)


  • Thank you ladies for the pep talk. The thought of this being my permanent home does not sit well with me yet.

    I never thought of skyping at the hospital! Not sure why since I skype my family all the time. That makes me happy :
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  • I have a lot of the same feelings. One of my biggest fears is that once I have the baby I will be so homesick that I will just want to move back and become really depressed. Like others have mentioned joining mom/baby groups is something I am planning on doing not only to meet people but also help with my language skills.

    I also signed up for a pregnant yoga/movement class along with going to pregnancy swim class which has helped me at least meet people. I haven't really clicked with anyone as I am pretty shy and not super confident in speaking the native language here but I like going to the class and last week asked a girl to exchange numbers. Do they have any exercise classes you could take or birth prep classes?

    Another thing is my sister has a blog that she posts almost daily videos and posts about my nephew. Even though I won't meet him until probably Nov. I still feel closer and it is nice to connect and know what is going on with their daily life. Skype or gvideo helps a ton even if it's for a 10 minute chat.

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  • I was taking prenatal yoga for weeks but no one seemed interested in pursuing anything outside of class. The job I took temporarily and not part of my career is nice but I'm much older than everyone that works there, newly married, pregnant etc.

    Skype is hard at the moment since the time difference is so huge and when I'm working is when family would be available and awake to talk. It should be easier to Skype after the baby is born.

    Where are you from and where are you living?

  • I am in the exact same boat and feel very much the same way.  DH and I moved to Munich just 2 months ago and I'm due in early July.  I was expecting to feel homesick so I get out as much as possible.  I have met people here through DH's work and through an English speaking expat message board and meet-ups.  But it's not the same.  It obviously takes time to develop relationships and friendships.

    And I am missing my friends more than anything right now.  I also miss our house and our bed and Target!

    We plan on going for a visit in December for the holidays.  Otherwise, we're only here for a 15 month contract.  But DH is LOVING it and loving his job and I'm a little worried that he'll want to stay on and I won't and we'll both resent each other in the end.  I can't say that I won't want to stay on at that point... maybe I will, it's a little too soon to tell.  But, I do definitely miss home every day. 

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  • I'm sorry you are missing home too. It's very hard to be away from your network of close friends and family. I married an Australian and said I would try it out and give it 2 years. I would like to become a permanent resident and this way all 3 of us can live here easily or even later in life. I think now that I'm here my husband would like us to stay long term. It's very challenging living away from home. I miss NYC, good pizza by the slice,and driving on the other side of the road : Sydney has target but its not as good and everything is so expensive here!
  • oh yes! and like pps said - I keep a blog of dd - I put up pics at least weekly when she was little, sometimes a few times a week (and videos)

    my family LOVES it - cause they feel like they are watching her grow and really know what she's up to

    something to consider :)

  • It has been hard for us in some ways. We are finally going home for a visit in July and I'm a bit nervous as my husband will now be staying behind because of work commitments. I'm hoping that Zo's stranger anxiety isn't too bad when she meets her family for the first time... Plus a lot of people are really excited to meet the baby because of the age gap between our girls. I'm also nervous about how we'll feel leaving at the end of the visit too. In that case I guess it will help that my husband stayed behind.
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  • I can relate, though I've been living in my adopted home, Iceland, for five and a half years now. Suddenly being pregnant changes some of my feelings about what "home" is. To make things more emotionally challenging, my parents have out of the blue decided to retire and move very close to my brother and his wife, who had twin boys last fall (my family doesn't yet know that my husband and I are expecting). It's hard not feeling jealous; I have to keep reminding myself that I was the one who decided to emigrate.

    I wish you all the best in maintaining your relationships with friends and family back home from a distance while building up a solid social network in Sydney. It will never be exactly the same as it was before, but given some time, maybe it can be just as good.

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  • I'm to fly home next month with my girls. It will be the first time anyone from home will have met our baby who will be a week shy of nine months then.... It makes me sad, but I've tried to share pictures videos through Facebook What's App... It has been especially hard as my best friend had a baby in December I haven't met him yet either...
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