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Greenville OBGYNs!!!

Ladies who do you recommend for an OB in Greenville?  I"m trying to decided if I want to go to St. Francis or GHS for my delivery.

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  • i when to greenville obgyn and deliverrd at ghs. i loved my doc and the care at ghs was amazing
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  • I went to Premier Womens Care in Powdersville, and delivered at GHS.  LOVED both!
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  • Piedmont OBGYN, hands down! My husband is a physician at GHS and everyone that works at the hospital uses them!
  • I believe Greenville OBGYN and Peidmont OBGYN are two of the best and both deliver at GHS. Having a level III Nicu at the hospital, it is the only one I'd feel the most comfortable delivering at. Bigger rooms have nothing on it.
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  • Greenville Midwifery!  They deliver at GHS
  • I was going to go to GHS but it is an hour away and they have a closer office for me.
  • Premier Women's Care was wonderful. All of the doctors were great!
  • I got to Upstate OBGYN and delivered my daughter at St. Francis.  St. Francis is WONDERFUL.  The nurses are amazing. 



  • ST. FRANCIS!!!!!! I go to Highlands Women's, they are right there at St. Francis and they are amazing, Dr, Alt, Lebel, and Metherel are the BEST..  A few of my friends went to Greenville Memorial and didn't care much for it. Don't get me wrong but if you need a NICU Memorial is the way to go because they are number one.. But if you have no issues definitely go to St. Francis.. Hopefully I will be delivering there in the next few days if I can et this girl out.. lol.. I also have a client that is a labor and delivery nurse at Francis, and she used to work for Memorial and felt that Francis is more family oriented and more caring for what the mother wants.. She said she felt Memorial was more of an assembly line, just get you in and out as fast as possible even resulting to csecs to speed up the process... 
  • Dr. Chasedunn at Greenville OBGYN has been my dr for 12+ years and is also the one for my li'l sis. She's doing my delivery at Memorial (which is less cushy than St. Francis, but better prepared for the unexpected during delivers/prenatal care). It's the same practice that delivered me and my two siblings! I would NEVER switch! :) Even my nurse, Nurse Jackie, is my fav! The ultrasound tech (now) knows me and my hubs and was all excited about our having a boy. I can't rave about them enough!!!!
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  • Upstate OB/GYN & St. Francis!!! They are absolutely the best. The docs are wonderful & the nurse line will always call you back quickly. I wouldn't want to deliver anywhere other than St Francis. The staff is wonderful and the facilities are great!!!!  

  • I'm also a Piedmont patient who LOVES her doctor (Dr. Beck), as well as all the other doctors I've seen in the practice.  They're very knowledgeable, efficient, and always willing to answer any questions I have.  My appointments are usually pretty quick without feeling rushed, which I appreciate.  I'll also be delivering at GHS, and while I haven't taken their tour yet, everything I've read about their labor & delivery philosophies match up with what I'm envisioning for our first baby's birth.  I also know their NICU is top-notch, as I have a friend who delivered her baby there a full trimester early, and they took SUCH great care of him!  He just got to go home a couple weeks ago & is doing great.  I figure if they're well-equipped for a tiny miracle baby like him, they should be more than capable of taking care of our little guy!


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  • imageseanandmindy2:
    I went to Premier Womens Care in Powdersville, and delivered at GHS.  LOVED both!


    Same here! All of the OBs and Midwives were amazing and so were my nurses and stay at Greenville Memorial! I have only great things to say about everyone who cared for me at both.  

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  • I go to Highlands Center for Women. I delivered at St Francis in Feb. Dr. Smith was fantastic! I had a great experience at St Francis.
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