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Teacher as tutor?

Is it a typical thing for a child's tutor to also be their teacher? My DD is in first grade and needs help with math. There are a pool of teachers from school, her current teacher being one of them, that offer tutoring services over the summer. Assuming that it would likely not be her, I emailed her teacher asking for recommendations of which teachers on the list would be a good fit for what DD needs, and she responded that she'd be happy to do it, but also mentioned 2 other teachers. I like her teacher and wouldn't mind it, though I think DD would probably be uneasy about it. I can see the pros and cons. I also don't want to snub her teacher! Any insight or experience here?

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  • Why would your DD mind? I know my DS would prefer it because he is already comfortable with his teacher. But you have to decide what would be best for your child.
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  • I personally think that would be great as long as your DD and the teacher got along and had a good year.  If you were not impressed with the teacher, that would be a different story.  The teacher knows your child, knows where they are at in the subject and how they learn after spending the whole school working with them - I would jump on the chance to use my kids teachers as their tutor for the summer.
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  • I teach at a private school.  I've also worked as a tutor.  I've never crossed the line and done both at the same time, but I know it's pretty common for public school teachers to pick up some extra work in the summer by tutoring or teaching summer school classes.

    If you like the teacher, I would hire her.  Any other tutor will have to spend several sessions getting to know your child.  Her teacher will have a huge advantage in this regard.

    I would never recommend having a classroom teacher tutor a child during the school year when that teacher was responsible for evaluating and grading the child's work.  During the summer is fine.  

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  • I think its grate that her Teacher offer. I wouldn't you do it. She already has a bond with her. It would make the transition easier. My DD tutor is her gymnastics coach who is also a teacher.  
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