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food for lactating moms

Hi I am wondering if any of you can suggest a food or drinks that is good for lactating mothers? i.e increase milk production, gives good benefits to baby, etc.

Looking forward to hear  your suggestions.

Re: food for lactating moms

  • You should XP this on the BFing board, it's a busy board and the girls have tons of information over there.

    Basically just eating a healthy balanced diet should provide you and your baby with everything.  Eating a bowl of oatmeal a day is supposed to increase production.   

  • Oatmeal is supposed to boost milk production.

    but the most important thing is 1) eating plenty of healthy food (lots of protein), and 2) drink A TON of water, and 3) continue taking your PNV

    I remember the first couple of months after DS was born, I was hungry  I was eating every 2 hours during the day and I was starving when the 2 hours was up!  I had a lot of protein foods - trail mixes, nuts, hummus, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, yogurt.  And I drank water nonstop. 

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  • In-law family is from El Salvador and strongly believe in chocolate helping supply. Also you can Google a few recipes for cookies that are supposed for help, but most I've seen are just oatmeal with chocolate chips. And you can try Mothers Milk tea... I didn't try any of these personality because I had no problem producing, but I have some friends/family who live by these things. 
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  • Eating a balanced diet and ensuring you're consuming enough calories - milk production takes an extra 500-800 calories/day. Drink to thirst, and eat healthy are the two best things. Also, make sure you get as much rest as possible with a newborn. Let others help with cleaning/cooking.

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