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Hi all,

 I'm new to the area and expecting my first baby in August.  Does anyone here have experience with Mid-City Pediatrics?  I'm mainly looking at them because they are associated with Christ Hospital and have an office fairly close to wear I live.

 If you are familiar - yea or nay?  Also, any particular doctor in the practice you would recommend?

 I'm looking for a practice that is breast-feeding friendly and who might work with some of my other "crunchy" ways.  :-)


Thanks for any advice/recs you can give! 

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Re: Mid-City Pediatrics

  • We go to Pediatric Associates of Dayton. I had trouble breastfeeding and her pedi was really great at helping, very patient, didn't push to start formula like I was afraid might happen. They do recommend vaccinating but didn't push the issue other than to explain the recommendations of the AAP and WHO.
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