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Postpartum Depression


today is just not a good day for me. i feel so isolated and alone, i cant talk to anyone about this. i'm tired of feeling this depression. i'm tired of complaining and i feel like everyone is tired of me. i'm at work struggling to be normal, i kind of feel like i'm dying inside. holding this in isnt helping me. idk what to do anymore. i have a smile plastered on my face and it hurts me. i'm just going through it today...i guess. i'm just waiting for it to pass. its been 3 days. just when i think i'm getting better, i suddenly feel so much worse...i want to cry but i'm tired of crying. i just want someone to understand, no one in my life does right now...Crying


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    i'm sorry...i do'nt know much about ppd but i'm thinking i may have it too so i don't have much for advice that may be helpful but is there a way you can force yourself to get out of the house? get out for a walk with your LO? maybe have a hot shower and put some makeup on?

    obviously i know it won't make you better but even for a few min? 

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  • Hugs sorry you are feeling this have you called your doctorand let them know how you feel also try talking to someone about how you are feeling PPD is really hard to deal with also make a weekly schedule and try getting out of the house each day even if it's just to walk around your neighborhood 
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  • It usually goes in cycles for me as well - the feeling better and then :boom: :( I don't have any advice except I agree to try and get a walk around outside today. IT usually helps me a little bit. Doesn't fix it but gives me something else to look at.

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