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Cary OB and WakeMed Birthing Center

Hi NC ladies! Does anyone have any experience with either of these two businesses/facilities, and have stories to share?


I chose Cary OB (website: and the WakeMed Birthing Center in Cary because they are close to our house, but I have no recommendations. Any personal anecdotes would be appreciated!

Re: Cary OB and WakeMed Birthing Center

  • I live in Myrtle Beach now but delivered my daughter at WakeMed Cary in 2006 when I still lived in NC.  I had a good experience there.  Everything was clean, and the nurses were helpful.  I also felt like they respected my wishes and didn't try to push me into any particular method or intervention.
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  • I have a different OB (that I love love love) but I'm planning on deliverying at Western Wake again. Was there in 2010 for my daughter, and they were fantastic - we had weekly NTSs and by the time we actually checked in for my induction the security guard knew us by sight - one of the adorable moments actually involved him standing up to shake my husband's hand after he had his first trip out for a cigarette the morning after our girl was born and congratulated him after the many weeks of seeing us having a healthy little one on the outside. The nurses were great through the entire thing, the lactation consultants had the no-nonsense but help you every way possible through our latch issues and they even helped me figure out what to do when I was clear to leave but my little girl was not (insurance covered the stay for both of us one more day since I was cleared earlier than the max for a csection).

    Three years ago there were definite princess suites though that were part of the recently renovated sections. I don't know if they've finished up the renovations so that they are all as nice yet or not. But I am looking forward to going back in two months.

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  • Didn't go to that obgyn but the hospital is fantastic!
  • Have tried to post This several times, so forgive me if you get a clipped response. I just went there for my first appointment this week actually. Really had a great experience, the midwife was lovely and I like the facility. Was quite crowded when we got there for our 10 o'clock appointment, so next time will book an afternoon slot to avoid waiting for 20 minutes to be seen. I too just picked this OB because it was close to my house and really lucked out. Good luck
  • I go to Kamm Mckenzie and plan on givin birth at wake med. we are building a house so we currently live in an apartment and the wakemed Raleigh campus is the closest. From friends I understand they all had a great experience at wake med.
  • Late to the thread.

    I delivered at WakeMed Cary in September and liked the facility a lot. The rooms were comfortable, and the lactation consultants were really helpful in getting things off on the right foot. And the food was decent... I'm still thinking about the bacon. ;)

    If you plan on breastfeeding, WakeMed has a wonderful support group that has been truly awesome for me.  


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  • I delivered at Wake Med Cary in June and had a fantastic experience. The nursing staff was attentive, super sweet and very patient with my repeated requests for breastfeeding help. I would literally call a nurse in just to help DD latch, and the nurses didn't roll their eyes or anything. Their lactation consultants were very helpful too. Overall, a very breastfeeding friendly hospital. There is a tub to labor in and really pretty planted areas where you will be walking a million laps while laboring, even an access to go outside. They were accepting and respectful to my doula, which I appreciated. They followed my birth plan as much as possible and didn't rush me during skin-to-skin to weigh, measure and do other infant care. They had a pull out sofa for DH, he was surprised how nice it was. Very clean room with most everything you could need.

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  • Does anyone have info/recommendations/comparisons of Wake Med Cary over Wake Med Raleigh?
  • not sure why my siggy is so old...just tried to update it several times.
  • I'm going to the Wake Med OBGYN in North Raleigh..if that matters.  Does anyone know if they will travel to Cary, or will I have to deliver in Raleigh?  There's not a clear answer on their website.
  • @lamcox‌ , i toured both wakemed locations and did quite a bit of research on both. cary has a lower c-section rate and a considerably higher breastfeeding success rate. the raleigh location has a better (one of the best) nicu's, they're also more equipped for life threatening situations. we delivered at the cary location because we didn't think we would need any specialized care and because avoiding a c-section and breastfeeding were very important to us. the rooms are definitely nicer at the cary location as well. it's all about what you want from the hospital as far as choosing between the two. good luck!
  • Thanks for the info! The doctor I went to only delivers at wake med raleigh. I think need to weigh my options on doctors/hospital
  • I chose Cary OBGYN (aka Women's Health Alliance) and liked them. Dr. BonPain delivered my son via c section but only because he was breech. She did a fantastic job. I delivered at WakeMed Cary and only have fantastic things to say about it. I will have my second child there too. I picked the hospital first then looked at the doctors who delivered there next. I even called the hospital and they gave a few recommendations.
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  • I ended up touring Wake Med Raleigh on Thursday. After weighing everything, size of rooms, how my out of town family would have to navigate traveling to the hospital, I decided to switch OBs and deliver at Wake Med Cary. I have my first doc appt on Tuesday at Triangle Physicians for Women in Cary. My cousin used them and raved ab the practice. The drive from Wakefield to Cary won't be fun, but I'm thinking and hoping it'll be worth it.
  • Loved my first appointment with Dr. V at Triangle Physicians for Women.  Confirmed my EDD of 11/5 and I go back in a few weeks to meet with one of the midwives.  I feel so much better about making the switch now.
  • I delivered at Rex in March 2013, I am expecting again and I will defiantly be returning to Rex.  I have toured all 3 (Wake Med Cary/Raleigh, & Rex) and if I had to choose between the Wake Meds I would go with Wake Med Cary.  My friend delivered at Wake Med Raleigh in July of 2013 and they did not even provide pacifiers to the newborns...not to mention the hospital seemed not as secure, too big and complicated for visitors to find you, and the rooms weren't as nice, oh also, you had to pay for parking.
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