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Contractions after vaginal exam

I am 39 weeks today, and at my appointment found out that I am 2 cm. since the exam this morning, I have been having contractions ranging from 15 mins apart, to 5 mins apart and stronger, but they keep tapering off. Has this happened to anyone else after an exam? Dying to know if this will turn out to be real labor!

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  • Do you know whether your membranes were swept? That could cause contractions.

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  • After my appointment last week, I had contractions for about 2 hours.  Nothing consistent and I'm still pregnant!
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    Yes it can happen because of the exam. During a cervical exam, sometimes the membranes are touched (even if not intentional), or manipulated by the exam and it may cause the release of prostaglandins. This causes contractions. For someone who is ready to be in labor, it could possibly help trigger labor. But for the rest, you'll have some contractions and they won't amount to true labor. Bottom line is when your body is ready to be in labor, it will happen. If not, we wait. Sex will also trigger labor for some (if your body is ready), for doesn't. Same concept. 

  • Yea, it's normal. However; since you are ready to go it very well could trigger the real thing. It may not and they could taper off and you might still be pregnant for another week or two. Only time will tell.

    I had my exam a week ago and I had contractions for 2 days after my exam and they finally went away.


  • Happened with me at 37 and 38 weeks but she didn't come until 39 weeks, 2 days.
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  • I'm also 39 weeks and after yesterday's appointment I was having contractions 3 to 10 minutes apart and I was bleeding a bit also. I went to bed and drank some water and they disappeared after about 2 hours. I dd not have my membranes swept. My midwife said that her checking my cervix could irritate it and its normal.
  • With DS my doctor did a pretty major internal exam and my son came 2 days later.   Just keep paying attention to them, but guess is that the end is near!
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