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Maternity Pics at how many weeks?

I did maternity pics at 32 weeks when I was pregnant with DS.  I thought I was a good size for the pics then.  I'm thinking of doing them again this time, and wanted your input on when I should schedule them for?  If you did maternity pics, when did you do them, and are you happy with when you did?  

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  • I did mine at 26 weeks, and it was perfect timing.  I wasn't too sore and wasn't swollen yet at all, but my belly was big enough.
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  • I did them at 32 weeks. I wish I'd done them a little earlier, maybe 29 or 30 weeks, because my legs and feet were so swollen by 32 weeks that I couldn't wear my cute shoes and had to instruct the photographer to photograph above the waist only.
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    We live in texas and did ours at 26 weeks and it was perfect because the weather was still nice out. I think I could've waited a few more weeks, but they came out great so can't complain!
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  • I think it depends on how you are carrying. I just did them at 27 weeks and my belly really isn't that big. I am however ber swollen already so that isn't any fun and leg fatigue was bad. Belly size I wish I had waited, swollen wise I would have done it three weeks ago! Sorry, prob not too much help
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  • I did mine at 35 weeks.  They came out awesome and I was comfortable for most of them.



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  • Thanks for the advice ladies!  This helps a ton!
  • I just did mine at 34 weeks and don't have the results yet, but I hope they look decent despite all of my hideous swelling.  I wanted the belly to be as prominent as possible without risking sending myself into labor during the shoot.

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  • 26 weeks.  i hit a wall at 32 weeks and looked tired and uncomfortable.  at 26 weeks i still had some glow left in me :)  Also I was measuring around 4-6 weeks ahead so My belly was 32 week size at the time of the pictures.
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  • We did ours at 26 weeks...I'm happy we did them at this time.  Like pp said, I'm measuring about 7 weeks ahead so I look around 33 weeks.  Plus, I still had the energy and felt pretty good.  Plus, it's not too hot yet! ;)

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  • 29 weeks and my belly looked good... I was measuring 40 weeks at that point.  Good thing we did them then cause I delivered the week after.  


  • I was 28w3d.  I felt like I had a good amount of energy and yet was still pretty beat afterward.  Some uncomfortable positions, but made it through.  I think I had a pretty good belly for them. 
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