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Diaper question

Are all diapers the same or are brand name better than store brand? Do you prefer cloth diapers or are they too much work with twins? 

Once I get through the first trimester I would like to start finding diaper deals to help with post delivery expense.



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  • For us, the store brands were better than the name brands.  We thought about cloth diapers but realized even before the girls were here that it wasn't for us.  Jillian's Drawer has a good trial pack for CDing. 

    Also, I wouldn't necessarily start to buy diapers now.  Maybe set aside money for diapers because the kind of diaper I use won't necessarily be good for your kiddos.  It's easier to be able to play around with the diapers at first to see what works instead of spending a whole lotta money upfront and finding out that your kids don't like them. 

    On the whole, CDing is much cheaper.  You just have to be willing to put forth the upfront cost and deal with the laundry. 



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  • The huggies pure and natural were best for DS.  We tried target brand, and he always pooped out the back, and we also tried pampers for a while, only for him to end up with a few bad diaper rashes.  I think it just kind of depends on your LOs.  I will be sticking with the huggies again this time unless we have issues, and then I'll change.  
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  • We used Costco brand diapers for my little guy and when the twins get her we plan on doing the same or try target brand. 
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  • I'm going to CD. We had decided that before finding out it was twins and am even more on board after. We did break down and buy some NB Huggies the other day for when they still have a cord. DH flipped at the price since it would take like $50 a week to diaper them.

    CD can be a total money "waste" however if you need to send them to day care and you use AIO pockets that are twice a much as the prefold option or if you become "addicted" to the diapers and need to get new prints or try out new diapers. I picked a cheap system and will stick it out. At best I will experiment with $10-12 covers not $25 AIO or pockets.

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  • I spent a bunch of money on newborn cloth diapers, resold them after and am 26 down for my efforts. I will have spent less than 500 total not including laundry I guess for my twins and possibly a third. I love it, especially for twins!
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  • With my son we were given all sorts of brands at my shower only to discover pampers were the only brand that didn't give him horrible diaper rash. Because of that we have always used them and have started stocking up on little pampers. I agree though, make a change jar or something special that holds $$ for diapers and see what brand works best after they are here. Sam's Club has the best deal on pampers, even beating Amazon in price, at least in my town. If you are having a shower, you could suggest to your host that you play Never Ever and pass around a change jar or piggies bank. Each person takes a turn saying something they have never ever done, then passes the jar. Everyone who HAS done whatever it is must put change in, whatever amount they want until it gets back to the first person. Then the next person in line says something and it starts over. It's tons of fun and a great way to start a college fund, diaper fund or bank account. Good luck!
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    Something I found out with twins is if you call the diaper companies Luvs, pampers, and huggies will send you coupons for a free package of diapers and some really good coupons. I prefer Luvs, over huggies and my twins can't wear pampers at all. but it all depends on the baby and how they are built some brands work better on some babies. I can't use any dryper brand which most generics are, they stink and bother my allergies but work good.

  • For our first two kids we used pampers for the newborn and size one diapers (the swaddlers) and after that we switched to the store brand. I really like the Target brand.


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  • We were told by a CD friend that we would have massive blowouts if we used disposable diapers. Not true AT all. We've had 1 blowout and that was because MH used a NB diaper on accident instead of the size 1 we had switched to.

    We've used pampers swaddlers preemie, NB, size 1 and size 1 Luvs we got as a gift. So far the Luvs work just as well but they hold less so we have to be diligent about changing them or we may get a pee leak here or there.

    It really depends on your baby though. I'd agree with PPs. Stock up money and try a few brands.
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  • Amazon mom for sure.  I wish I would have done it earlier.  We use Luvs because they seem like the best bang for the buck.  If you have an Amazon Prime account (which is well worth getting just for diapers) you get free shipping plus 20% off with subscribe and save.  It's awesome getting a giant box of diapers delivered to your door and not having to worry about it.  Look at cost per diaper to see what kind of deal you are getting.  I pay much less than I would in the store for the same brand, and usually even less than the store brand diapers.  CDing is awesome if you can do it, but I decided it wasn't something I was willing to tackle with twins.


  • With my son, we used Pampers and then Luvs. With my girls, we used Pampers Swaddlers and I bought a pack of Luvs before we switched to cloth. I wasn't impressed with Luvs this time around. We cloth diaper them now and use Flips and Stay Dry inserts which I love.
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  • Store brands have come a long way since my first - the differences are minimal now - there are still some that I don't use (i.e. walmart and grocery store brands seem to still not stand up to the job) - but others you can hardly tell the difference (Kirkland, i.e. Costco, are practically the same diapers as Huggies). With the boys, I've stuck with Luvs (these are exactly the same as the Pampers Baby Dry line - made by the same company, even), Pampers, Huggies, and Kirkland. They all work very well, but the Kirkland are my brand of preference. I don't like most of the other store brands well enough to buy them. 
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  • I like pampers and huggies best. I can't even imagine doing cloth diapers with twins. Way too much laundry and work in my opinion.
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