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Cloth diaper users come in!

Ok so I just found out I'm expecting baby 3 and I really want to cloth diaper this time! I need recs on which ones are the best, I want to start ordering a few at a time so I can have a good stock by the time LO arrives! Any advice/input would be great :
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Re: Cloth diaper users come in!

  • =Lee=B=Lee=B
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    We use Mother-Ease One-Size diapers.

    They aren't the cutest and aren't like the fancy fashion diapers out there but they work great.

    We've used them from 9lbs up.  In about 10 weeks of use we've never had a leak or blow-out (and this baby pees like a horse and has explosive poops).  They do make my baby have a massive bum!

    We have 30 diapers and I was washing every night (as baby would poop a good 15times a day) I now wash closer to every 1.5days or so.


  • Definitely check out the cloth diaper board. 

    We use kissaluvs size 0 for newborns and covers. I also like thirsties pocket diapers (size 1 for newborns).

    There are a few places around where you can order a diaper trial - they'll send a variety of things for you to check out.  

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  • SkyBeeSkyBee
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    I use Rumparooz and homemade pocket diapers.
  • ohlordyohlordy
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    I bought 3 Econobum kits (each with 12 one-size prefolds, 3 one-size covers,and 1 small wet bag, giving me 36 prefolds, 9 covers, & 3 small wet bags), 4 Thirsties size 1 covers, and 2 xl wet bags. I'm set (as long as DD doesn't grow out of the prefolds). 

     I think if you can figure out why you want to CD, you will have an easier time figuring out what would potentially work for you. For us, we CD for financial and environmental reasons. We launder ourselves and find that prefolds with covers fit our lifestyle very well. Im not into the fashion aspect of them so simple and plain works great. 

    The CD board will be of much benefit to you as well as YouTube!

     Good luck on your CD journey!  

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  • Right now we are using Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn exclusively during the day and BumGenuis pockets one size for at night (since we can stuff an extra hemp insert in there). I love the Swaddlebees! They are so easy and rarely leak (only when it is a massive poo explosion).

    When he outgrows the Swaddlebees newborn, we have a variety of diapers to try (mostly BumGenius pockets and AIOs, but also some Swaddlebees Simplex one size and Tots Bots) and plan to stock up on what we like best.

    ETA My main advice is to not invest too much now, but get a small variety of kinds/brands that interest you. Then when you figure out which work best for you, complete your stash with those.

  • We use pre folds and thirties duo wrap covers. I have two dozen new born diapers we use the trifold, and 7 size one covers change them when the cover gets wet or he poops. And we also have two dozen small prefolds only necessary if you have a boy because they outgrow the length and 8 size two covers. This will last till potty training. We've found it to be super cost effective, and no leaks or blowouts! I can link you to some helpful sites if you like.

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  • We had a decent sized newborn (8lbs 5 oz) and he still didn't fit into the one-size CDs until 7-8 weeks. 

    For newborn diapers, we did a diaper trial through Jillian's Drawers. I loved it. (Highly recommend; customer service was great. They sent the diapers in June so I had all summer to prep them and then I had three weeks to use them from when I started on them- not from when he was due). They sent all different kinds so we could see what we actually liked putting on a real squirmy baby. then we ordered a few more of the ones we liked. I did supplement the trial stash with some Green Mountain prefolds and a few inexpensive covers so that I wasn't doing laundry all the time.  

    For OS diapers, we started trying a few different ones and ordered more of the ones we like. Now we are mostly a BG 4.0 and Freetime family, with a couple others thrown in there. 


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  • Blueberry Diapers are the best. Their a bit more pricey, but the quality makes up for it. If you go with the alpix instead of snaps I would advise you to avoid the darker colored velcro because they are too sticky for their own good. Also, BumGenius!'s Newborn AIO is the absolute best newborn diaper. 


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